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Thread: Open Practice, School, Qualifying and RAT RACE "HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL"

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    Open Practice, School, Qualifying and RAT RACE "HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL"

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    STAR Projects events:

    Yup, we are upside down. Unfortunately, too late and too low, registration numbers require cancelation of both the April 21st track day, and the April 22nd RAT RACE.

    Those that have completed registration (paid) for either of our Open Practice / School, or Rat Race “Hope Springs Eternal” events, will be issued a full credit for our next event, the May 12th & 13th race at O.R.P. “One Bad Mutha”
    Because this will be a two day Rat Race only, and no STAR Projects school or track day is offered until June 8th at Portland International Raceway, we will gladly assist you in making your choice of the following options.

    • We will transfer your payment to the Team Continental Driving School and track day on Friday, May 25th at O.R.P.
    • Credit you for the STAR Projects, June 8th school and track day at P.I.R. and give you a priority sign-up.
    • Credit you for any of our other STAR Projects open events in 2012.
    • Issue you a prompt refund in full, (less any fees imposed by

    Please let me know your preference regarding the above cancelation.

    I apologize for any inconvenience to your plans.

    We look forward to seeing you and your team at future STAR Project Events very soon.

    Yours for the sport.

    Bill Murray
    Event Coordinator
    503-358-2617 10 a.m. to midnight please.
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    is it $550 for the team entry plus $400 per driver? Or just $550 altogether?
    No such thing as fast enough...

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    The Rat Race rental package for "HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL" is $400 per driver, wet (with fuel), arrive and drive based on a 4 driver team, 2 hrs per driver for an 8 hour race, RAT RACE entry is included. You are responsible for your personal safety gear and pit crew. The Open Practice day and qualifying (on Saturday the 21st) are not included in that fee.

    Maximum risk for a completely totaled rent-a-rat is $3500.
    Mechanical malfunction is my problem unless the driver steps up and admits he missed a shift, just before the rods came out threw the block. If we had a total melt down due to inattention to the temp gauge we might ask for some help in the cost of another wrecking yard motor (under a grand). The worst rental charge back I ever had was following a Conference race, $235 for a fender and bumper repair for a driver that said "moving that a**hole out of my way was the best money I ever spent".

    Right now all the cars are available. We will need to find out which car you and your team members will fit in.

    It is a $550 entry fee if you are bringing your own car, that includes 4 drivers. Most Conference production cars, IT, Radial Sudan, etc. are allowed to run in this series but they must have a set of 300+ treadware tires and run in the "Over Qualified Class".

    Love to have you come race with us.

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