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Thread: When's the IRDC rules change meeting?

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    toby Guest
    Gosh darn it, I KNOW I read it somewhere around here,
    but now I can't find where.




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    jeff Guest
    Its Nov 7th at Sizzler at South Center after the general meeting. Aprox 8:00 PM

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    toby Guest
    Thanks, Jeff-
    glad I asked, for some reason I thought it was the 6th!

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    toby Guest
    I couldn't take it anymore...

    here's a new post so my mane will
    show up on the board.

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    david Guest
    well I see your name....but not your mane...and now both are gone

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    john Guest
    You can't miss Toby's Mane! He wears it in a pony tail behind his head. I often wonder how he gets that mane in his helmet. And yes, before you say anything Toby, that is jealousy talking!!!

    Balding John

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