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Thread: Side Bars?

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    daryl Guest
    Ford of Germany also ran a 500+ HP Capri with a fiberglass body over a 154 pound 1 1/2" alum tube chassis. would you?

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    mike Guest
    1105.A.2 says:

    Roll cages except Sports Racers and Formula cars stamped
    by ICSCC after December 31, 2001 must meet current year
    SCCA IT minimum standards in regards to bracing, design,
    tube diameter and tube thickness. All cages previously
    stamped will be grandfathered unless modifications have
    been made requiring a new ICSCC roll cage stamp.

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    ron Guest
    Ladies and Gentlemen...well, this covers most of us, anyway.
    Read the front page of your ICSCC Memo for May,2007. This says it all. No need to read anything into or out of this article. If your still not sure...I would be more than happy to give you the full and complete $50.00 explanation at the track. See me on Friday PM or Saturday AM. Sunday, on race days, I reserve for watching the F1 satelite feed that is provided to the Stewards camper by the "ICSCC Home Office". The Assistant Steward is in charge of catering; so let him know what type of drinks and hors d' oeuvres that you prefer.

    Ron Muro

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    daryl Guest
    Why that sounds fabulous Ron.

    Hal, I would like to put in my request now for a modestly chilled bottle of 1966 Mot et Chandon's Cuve Dom Perignon champagne, some east tebetan peppered goat/Yak cheese, and a newly aquired taste after switching jobs at insurance companies, a juicy pair of butter fried gekko legs.

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    ron Guest'o man.
    I can tell that havn't lived in Eastern Washington all of your life. Us natives are happy with a bag of Kettle Chips (the owner of Kettle Chips races we will keep it in the family. ) and a half case of Molson. Now, that's gourmet! We will, however, make an attempt to aquire some of your requests...all on our $ 10.00 budget. FYI...The Gekko legs we can do; just don't ask for any Lizard legs until Mike finishes posting the year end points results.

    Ron Muro

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    frank Guest
    If you were catcing the paddock interviews at Monza, you could not misstake the stunning beauty. Turns out she was Bernie Eckelstones dautg

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    ken Guest
    Did she have nicely crossed side bars, or does she do the parallels?

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    wes Guest
    I'd go with parallels Ken, but only because I'm not a fan of cross barred women!

    Ron Dennis has a very pretty wife BTW who hangs out in the garage during the races. Don't recall ever seeing her before, why now after all these years I wonder?

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