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    SP Displacement / Rules

    Thanks Chris.
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    SP Displacement / Rules

    I have not been able to find Icssc's rules for Super Production. Anybody have an idea where to look? I know the rules are different from Oregon Region SCCA. Thanks.
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    Sad news

    Loren St.Lawrence passed this morning. Loren raced ICSCC and Oregon Region SCCA during the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties. There will be a celebration of life event in about a month. We are looking for old photos of Loren. Thanks. Terry Miller
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    Black B Sedan 510

    Anyone have information on where Bud Fletcher's Black 510 may be? Mike Eyerly drove the car for a very short time. Loren St.Lorwrence was the most succesful driving the car. Bud sold the car to a guy who worked for Olympia Beer. I think his 1st name was Fred. Thanks.
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    Radiator and oil cooler info

    I'm wanting to replace my current large radiator with an oil heat exchanger, (26"x19") with a smaller radiator and an external oil cooler. I have not been able to find a short radaitor and heat exchanger. Any ideas on how to figure needs for cooling water and oil.
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    Jerico Transmissions

    Does everyone using a Jerico transmission use a cooler? My car is not a horse power or tork monster like a GT1 car. Probably have half the power of a GT1 car. Terry
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    Wanted to say thank you to everyone envolved with getting me safely off the track Sunday during group 5 qualifiyng. I was not in the best place on track to have the car lock up and stop. Thanks again to all the volunteers and safety crews. Terry Miller
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    Parts transportation

    Is there anyone in the Portland / Salem area going to the Seattle race that could bring back some transmission parts? Terry Miller