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  1. Steve Adams

    A short article on the necessity of social isolation orders... it's about the spread, not the symptoms

    I've been seeing so many comments from people on Twitter (e.g.) about various forms of "shelter in place" orders and why they shouldn't be required that clearly also misunderstand the challenge those orders are meant to help resolve. Since this is too long for Twitter and I don't have a Medium...
  2. Steve Adams

    [For Sale] Anybody need some used street tires? 25% off to my Conference pals

    Year-old OEM "summer" tires just swapped out with 8665 miles on them, which is supposedly about 1/3 of their useful life. These tires cost over $800 new plus tax/shipping from TireRack, so you're getting around 2/3 of the life for less than 1/2 the cost: $400/offer to the world, but only $250 to...
  3. Steve Adams

    Enduro results?

    Wondering if/when we're going to see results data for the Cascade enduro?
  4. Steve Adams

    [Sold] Two-time NASA National Champion Honda Challenge car

    Currently racing SPU and ST with Conference:
  5. Steve Adams

    Trophies for Car Tender Challenge?

    Now that the results for Group 1 are both official and widely available, what do people who earned trophies do to collect them? Anyone know? Anyone care? :tongue: (For those aware of my race situation this year, yes, I'm putting WAY too much energy into caring about race results... nyah.)
  6. Steve Adams

    An unexpected advantage OW cars have over CW

    Link to article and video...
  7. Steve Adams

    [Sold] 2005 Silverado 2500 HD - Simple, reliable tow beast

    $8100, located in Woodinville. Here's a link to the ad on Craigslist:
  8. Steve Adams

    Steward-initiated proposed rule changes

    Along with the usual crop of class-specific rule change proposals and our annual definition of what a race week-end looks like, there were two proposals from the Stewards that caught my attention: Elimination of the ARR license Creation of a new number system for race licenses that is separate...
  9. Steve Adams

    Woah... Pacific Raceways for sale

    I'm sure this isn't a surprise to a few people at IRDC, but it certainly caught me off-guard, especially after all the fuss Jason went through with King County to get approval for the Master Plan expansion:
  10. Steve Adams

    I-5 closure near Olympia next two week-ends

    People going to The Ridge are aware of this, right?
  11. Steve Adams

    Contract jobs for "Vehicle Accuracy Testers"

    Contract STE jobs for "Vehicle Accuracy Testers" I have no affiliation with these positions, the recruiting company, or either of the game studios I might guess are on the other end of the process, but I stumbled across this and thought I'd pass it along: Vehicle Accuracy Tester (5 positions)...
  12. Steve Adams

    Voting habits for ICSCC rules changes

    This is an anonymous poll asking about if/how people vote with their Club for ICSCC rules change proposals. If your answer is "Other," I'm curious about what other methods for voting are available, as well as which Club uses them.
  13. Steve Adams

    How often do you attend your Club's meetings?

    In this anonymous poll (unless you post a comment, too), I'm curious about everyone's attendance at their Club's regular meetings. Please note this is different from your Club's annual rules change meeting for ICSCC.
  14. Steve Adams

    New ICSCC website editor and forum admin

    Please welcome your new ICSCC website editor for 2014 (but beginning now), PRO44 driver Alberto Fonseca. He's very enthusiastic about taking over the position, so please don't be that kid that breaks his new toy right out of the package... :D
  15. Steve Adams

    2014 rules changes results

    Per the proposed 2014 rules changes, here are the results of today's meetings: FAILED PASSED PASSED FAILED FAILED FAILED PASSED FAILED FAILED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED PASSED - but tabled until the Spring Meeting by the E-Board (involves a discussion...
  16. Steve Adams

    Feeler: Anybody interested in a Blind Apex timer with documentation?

    Haven't positively decided to uninstall and sell it, but leaning that way and soon. Works fine, just thinking about moving to something different. Price would be whatever an interested party and I decide on. :) PM or e-mail.
  17. Steve Adams

    If you've received a PM from "James"...

    A user account that was created a few years ago was recently used to send bogus private messages to a number of people on the forum. I've deleted the user account and banned both the e-mail address and the IP address that was used. Please delete any private messages from that account and sorry...
  18. Steve Adams

    This holiday season...

    I bring you... something completely unrelated. Thirteen minutes of driving incidents in Russia. If someone told you about a few of these, you wouldn't believe them.
  19. Steve Adams

    New championship and provisional classes

    Something else that came out of the E-Board meeting yesterday is that PRO44 and Formula Continental both had sufficient participation numbers this year to qualify as championship classes. Way to go! Also, FBX (Formula B "X," not to be confused with the long-ago Formula B) is now a provisional...
  20. Steve Adams

    2012 rules change results

    I'm not going to go through the whole list, but these are the rules changes (as numbered in the official list) that were passed by the drivers and confirmed by the E-Board: 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27. Now, rule change 1 was the change to...