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  1. colin_koehler

    License payment option on MSR out of date.

    The license form says "License fees can only be paid through" However, I cannot find that on MSR. The one I did find ended on Dec 31 2020. When should license applicants expect a new listing on MSR so we can make payment toward our 2021 license? Thank you in advance.
  2. colin_koehler

    IRDC 50 Years of Racing

    I'm looking forward to this upcoming event and have heard that it is a "definite go". I hope the number of entries grows as this is only IRDC race this year. The Cascade race was enjoyable and after attending a few races this year between ICSCC and SCCA, I've found that adhering to the safety...
  3. colin_koehler

    [Sold] Hoosier/Conti H2Os and BFG R1S - 225/45/17

    I have a new/unused set of Hoosier H2Os that were made for the Continental series - they are identical to the Hoosier H2O in everyway, they just don't have a DOT stamp. Price= $400 for the set. I also have a set of BFG R1-S that have 8 cycles on them. Price = FREE Both are 225/45/17...
  4. colin_koehler

    [Sold] Free suits (GONE)

  5. colin_koehler

    Conference Touring 4 (CT4) - T4/Pro3/Pro44/ITS/ITA

    The SCCA class, Touring 4, is showing positive growth and has a very attractive rule-set for new additions to racing. The cars are modern, the prep limited and the operating costs low; which is all part of the attractiveness. We thought about adding T4 to Group 5 to attract these SCCA folks...
  6. colin_koehler

    [For Sale] ITA CRX - 2017 ITA championship car.

    SOLD Built to SCCA ITA specifications, competes in ITA, ITX, HT and ME3. Currently holds the ITA race track record at Pacific Raceways (1:39.7) set last year in July. BODY: Advantage Fleet White single stage paint...
  7. colin_koehler

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

    I'm wondering if anyone feels like safety and/or driver skill has taken back seat lately? Is Battle Royale a new feature at Conference events? Group 5 and 2 are budget/entry level run groups but they now feel more like groups for people with disposable cars. It seems like a culture of...
  8. colin_koehler

    Info on Spokane Race weekend?

    Maybe I missed all the goodness since I don't have the book of faces but I'm looking for info on Spokane. What improvements have taken place? What is this 'short track' race mentioned on the schedule? There's a short track? Thanks.
  9. colin_koehler

    IRDC HPDE May 18th - please promote

    Hola everyone, IRDC has a (4) session HPDE on Friday May 18th with the TnT. $180 entry. It's not listed on the main page on MSR so it needs some help being promoted. If you have the book of faces or are a member of a car forum - please promote. Registration is bundled in with the...
  10. colin_koehler

    Y'all should be going to Spokane

    Just sayin' Spokane is a moral imperative! Great track, great club, great food and a triple race weekend. The weather is supposed to be downright perfect - mid 70's to mid 80's. It's not too late to register. See you at the track.
  11. colin_koehler

    The Milltek Sport Grand Prix - Pacific Raceways

    Announcing the Milltek Sport Grand Prix. Sponsored by Milltek Sport with a special thanks to ProFormance, Cantrell Motorsports and Griffin Moterwerke Friday: Test and Tune Saturday: non-points race (NP race times also count as qualifying time) Sunday: Points race Saturday will be a bit...
  12. colin_koehler

    IRDC May 19-21: Tribute to the Volunteers Link and Schedule

    Helping to spread the word. Announcement and Schedule Registration for race and TnT: Please enter...
  13. colin_koehler

    Recommend Motorhome service in the south end?

    I will be picking up a class C soon and I'd like to get some of the basic tune-up items as well some some bilstein shocks and an alignment. Does anyone have recommendations for shops in the Tacoma/Puyallup/Spanaway area for this type of work? Thanks in advance.
  14. colin_koehler

    IRDC Olympic Grand Prix - Volunteer Karting Saturday and Advanced Lapping Friday!

    The 2nd Annual Olympic Grand Prix will bring a close to the ICSCC sprint race season and we are doing a couple unique things to close the year. FIRST: Saturday night will be the Volunteer Appreciation Karting Enduro! 1 hour kart race with...
  15. colin_koehler

    July 23rd and 24th, the IRDC presents a Tribute to the Volunteers

    UPDATE 7/13: For racers who pay by Cash or Check, you will be entered into a drawing to have your entry fee refunded. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've wanted to do something for the volunteers for...
  16. colin_koehler

    Spec Miatas need to be back in ITA

    This is way overdue in my opinion. ITA/G5 is a perfect 2nd run group/class for the spec miata and ITA benefits because a populated class attracts new customers to that class and frankly ITA and Group 5 needs growth. A SM won the 2010 ITA championship and I think the other ITA folks would will...
  17. colin_koehler

    2016 CarTender Challenge - update

    Ladies and Gentlemen, There's been a slight change to the Friday TnT schedule. The IRDC will be hosting a Driving School again at the May event, Friday the 13th. We have adjusted the schedule accordingly and it will be soon but you can find it here: TnT and School Schedule...
  18. colin_koehler

    IRDC enduro and driver's training: Volunteers needs

    The perfect storm has descended upon us and we could your help if you can spare it. There are events happening in Portland, Mission and Long beach on the same weekend as the IRDC enduro and therefore the volunteer base is spread quite thin. We need 2-3 more people for turns on Saturday and...
  19. colin_koehler

    IRDO Enduro: Clarifying mandatory stop

    Section 5 in the supps says: ***In order to facilitate NWMECS mini enduro rule consistency and awarding of mini enduro series points, ALL CARS, regardless of class will be subject to a mandatory two (2) minute timed pit stop in a window between 30 and 90 minutes elapsed race time.*** Just...