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  1. Alberto Fonseca

    Forum Software Changes

    At this past Spring board meeting I shared the fact that our forum software vBulletin 4, originally purchased in 2008, has reached end of life (EOL) status. This means the developers are no longer updating it aside from security fixes. 10+ years is pretty amazing longevity in the software world...
  2. Alberto Fonseca

    Finalized 2017 Schedule Posted

    The 2017 schedule was finalized at the Spring meeting and is now posted here:
  3. Alberto Fonseca

    [Sold] AIM MXL Pista + GPS Module

    I'm selling my AIM MXL Pista dash with GPS05 module. It's been used two seasons in my PRO44 and works great. Works with free AIM Race Studio software to perform detailed data analysis/comparisons and more: MXL Pista: The MXL Pista is a digital dash, gauge, and race data acquisition...
  4. Alberto Fonseca

    Mission Videos

    Here's my video from Mission:
  5. Alberto Fonseca

    Monday Mission Group 2 Qualifying Black Flag (fire)

    Yup, that was my car that caused it. Towards the end of the qualifying session going into turn 3 the sampling port on the fuel rail failed and caused fuel to spray into the engine bay resulting in a "spectacular" blaze. Luckily, I recalled hearing in the driver's meeting the fire crew was...
  6. Alberto Fonseca

    Chicane Challenge XXIII Videos

    Here's my video from the weekend, enjoy:
  7. Alberto Fonseca

    Spokane Track Map

    Maybe I'm just not finding it but I checked the Northwest Motorsports website and Spokane County Raceway websites and can't find a track map anywhere. We've gotten handouts at the track at past events but the maps have been a bit rough so was wondering if there is an 'official' map with turns...
  8. Alberto Fonseca

    [Sold] VP Racing 5 Gallon Fuel Jugs x 4

    I'm selling a set of 4 black VP Racing 5 gallon fuel jugs for $75 and includes one hose. They work very well, just decided to switch to white ones.
  9. Alberto Fonseca

    Rose City Opener Highlights

    Here's a video I put together of my group 2 race on Sunday. Enjoy.
  10. Alberto Fonseca

    PIR - Turn 12 Corner Worker Photo

    I just thought I'd share this photo I took of the corner workers in Turn 12 this past weekend. Smile! Unfortunately, it was from my rear view cam. :tongue:
  11. Alberto Fonseca


    I'd like to share the launch of the new website just in time for the 2015 racing season. PRO44 has been in need of an online presence and this new site along with our community forum gives us a place to gather and help us promote the class. Feel free to stop by and check it out. Thanks!
  12. Alberto Fonseca

    Video: Lapping Day at The Ridge

    I thought I'd share this video of the Turn 2 Lapping Day at The Ridge a couple of weekends ago with the newly paved Turn 13 setup. The weather played nice and we had a dry track throughout so it was a fun day. :D
  13. Alberto Fonseca

    Vinyl Printing Recommendation

    I am looking to have some vinyl graphics printed for the #44 and was wondering if anyone has recommendations near the Seattle/Eastside area. Thanks! Alberto
  14. Alberto Fonseca

    [Sold] OMP WRC Race Seat

    I have an OMP WRC race seat for sale. I bought it in March, 2013 and used it for the 2014 race season in my PRO44. It's in excellent condition and I'm switching to a halo style seat for next season so looking to move it soon. This is a picture of what it looks like from the web: Price: $500...
  15. Alberto Fonseca

    Points for only car in class

    I had a couple of interesting situations happen this past weekend at Mission that prompted me to review the rules. In doing so I ran into some language that I found a bit vague and thought I'd start a topic for discussion. Specifically, Section 5: In my particular case my car broke down past...
  16. Alberto Fonseca

    Forum Slowness

    I'm currently investigating an issue with the forums where the response time is excessively slow and may even time out and not process requests. This seems to be an issue on our hosting company's side so I am working with them to find the issue. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience while...
  17. Alberto Fonseca

    Sold: 1995 BMW M3 Coupe Black E36

    5 speed manual 3.0L 6 cylinder Black w/Black interior 139k miles Asking price $10,000. Some of you may have seen this parked at the track, drove it to PIR and The Ridge last year, never driven on track however. More details and lots of pictures below...
  18. Alberto Fonseca

    Rose City Opener Videos

    It was a fun weekend with a variety of weather thrown in for good measure. Let's share some video's from the event. Here's the start of the group 2 race in the wet.
  19. Alberto Fonseca

    Post titles and setting the prefix

    In order to help the community when browsing this forum, I'd like to ask for your help in setting and updating post titles. Often times someone will scan the titles and find an item for sale they are interested in, look at the pictures and read the replies, only to find at the end that the item...
  20. Alberto Fonseca

    Seat for PIR Enduro?

    Anyone looking for a driver for the upcoming enduro at PIR? I'm looking for a seat.