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  1. the_driver

    Survive the 25hr broadcast.

    for those of you that have MavTv the 25 hours of Thunderhill will be on at 6pm est 3pm pacific time. keep an eye out for the northwest racers competing in this race. I will be waiting for it to make it on to their youtube page because I dont have access to that TV channel .
  2. the_driver

    new place in PDX for racecar service

    just letting the ICSCC community know that the Shop I work at M and W automotive in Tigard Oregon now accepts Racecars as part of the service client base along with the Volvos and Audi's
  3. the_driver

    new place to get your Audi serviced (west side of Portland)

    Hello everyone, I (Eric Blois) have recently moved from (Sunset)Beaverton Audi to M and W automotive. and welcome anyone with an Audi or Volvo to think of M and W as a possible service shop for you.
  4. the_driver

    news for the 25 hours of Thunderhill.

    "For the second year, NASA's 25 Hours of Thunderhill has found an exclusive live home on Endurance Radio, presented by Motorsports Southwest and Wolf Racing Cars! Over 70 teams are set to make the trek to Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA for the 10th running of the longest endurance race...
  5. the_driver

    survive the 25 on TV

    here is a link to the youtube preview the broadcast will be at 5pm eastern time tomorrow. monday the 19th. see how many of the local teams from the northwest you can pick out.
  6. the_driver

    25 hours of Thunderhill

    here is a link to my car starting 50th of 86 at the 2011 25 hours. where 3 teams from ICSCC went down and happened to share 2 10ft pit spaces. all 3 teams finished all 25 hours without having to go behind the wall. There was racing on Adare...
  7. the_driver

    video tread for the Frank Manley Memorial

    from Pro3 number 92 in group 1
  8. the_driver

    ICSCC teams entering the 25hr of Thunderhill

    so far it looks like 5 teams from ICSCC. Frost Engineering, Racing on A Dare, Bloising Saddles, C-note Racing and Rotary Nightmare Autosport. lets all cheer for the local guys (friends from ICSCC)
  9. the_driver

    25 hr Thunderhill seat

    hello my fellow drivers. we (Bloising Saddles) are looking for 1 more driver for our team for this years 25hr Thunderhill first weekend in december . The car is an ITA prep bmw. we have a plan in place to go for the win in class (E3 was E2 last year) and have fun trying for it. last year there...
  10. the_driver

    pics from ORP

    here are some pictures taken by Ting Sheppy
  11. the_driver

    video from ORP group 5

    here in my in car from group 5 this weekend at orp.
  12. the_driver

    btcc on speed

    10 am pacific time for anyone who want to watch racing on the speed channel instead of a game show on speed. DTM is just getting over
  13. the_driver

    video of 25 hour Thunderhill

    so here is a vimeo link to the start of our second driver with one cuss word at the very begining. this was my first enduro of many to come. hopefully i will find the video of our warm up to qualify and then my stint in the dark for qualifying.
  14. the_driver

    new class ST? 2010

    maybe someone could shed some light on this one for me. Iv heard something about this possible class in ICSCC. is there a rule set that is in the works that i can look at online. i think i heard something about running ITE and ST inside to confirm numbers before 2010. i would hate to finish a...