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  1. mikecolangelo

    Photographer from the May 19/20, 2012 Race Weekend at Pacific Raceways?

    Greetings from drought-ridden Southern California! As some of you may recall, I'm a former Conference racer now frequenting the desert tracks in SoCal. I have a rather unusual request. Way back on May 19, 2012, I rolled my blue #137 CRX coming out of Turn 5B at Pacific Raceways. I rolled it...
  2. mikecolangelo

    Sayonara & Thanks, Conference!

    Well, I recently moved back to southern California to take a job down here. I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you to my Conference family. You've all been great and welcoming during the 4 1/2 years I lived in the PNW. I'll miss the Conference folks. This season I'll be racing my Spec...
  3. mikecolangelo

    Miata Hardtops Being Stolen in south King County (greater Seattle area)

    Just a heads-up to the Miata folks out there: Within the past two days, Miata hardtops were stolen off of two local autocrosser's cars in Federal Way, WA. Possibly a Miata hardtop theft operation at work in the greater Seattle area?
  4. mikecolangelo

    Future Pro3 Driver?

    Well, maybe with a little coaching.... :o
  5. mikecolangelo

    '88 - '91 Honda CRX: body parts, rear disc brake conversion, and custom car cover

    Start the new year right, buy stuff for your CRX! Up for sale are body parts, a rear disc brake conversion, and a custom car cover for a 1988 - 1991 Honda CRX: 1. CRX Right front fender - $30 (SALE PENDING) Solid with no dents or rust, some paint chips on the red paint. Here's a pic...
  6. mikecolangelo

    Two IO Port Camera Mounts $25 each (Super Price Mega-Blowout!)

    I have two used IO port camera mounts (for medium to large cameras) up for sale. Both camera mounts are in good condition. $25 each (they cost five times as much brand new) They look like this:
  7. mikecolangelo

    1991 Honda Civic Si ITA/H4 Race Car - $4300/OBO

    Too many toys and I'm getting ready to buy a house, so my backup race car needs to go. :( It's a '91 Honda Civic Si set up for racing in the ITA and H4 classes. It has a logbook and is pretty much race ready. All it really needs is an oil change and a flush of the antifreeze (that I just...
  8. mikecolangelo

    This weekend's race at The Ridge: Kudos & Thanks to the organizers and volunteers!

    This weekend's race at The Ridge: Kudos & Thanks to the organizers and volunteers! What a great weekend! Even if I finished 11th in class (I was eleventh! :tongue: ) My understanding is that we had over 260 entries. Not bad! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to the race organizers...
  9. mikecolangelo

    IO Port Camera Mount - $50

    IO Port camera mount. Excellent condition. It's this model: $50 takes it! I'll be at The Ridge this weekend (July 27-29) and can bring it along if anyone wants to check it out/buy it. I can...
  10. mikecolangelo

    AMB TranX260 Rechargeable Transponder - $350

    My new (to me) car came with a hard-wired transponder so I no longer have a need for the rechargable AMB TranX260 unit that I've been using over the past two years. Works great, no issues. Includes transponder, charger, cradle, bracket, instructions, and box. Looks just like this...
  11. mikecolangelo

    Traqmate Complete with extras - $700 OBO

  12. mikecolangelo

    Enkei RPF1 wheels 17x8, 35mm offset, 5x114 bolt pattern (Evo fitment) - $650 OBO

    I'm selling a set of 4 Enkei RPF1 wheels. They are 17x8 with 35mm offset and 5x114 bolt pattern. They came off of a Mitsubishi Evo but can fit many other cars. The wheels are used but in pretty good shape. They are also very light and strong and weigh 15.5 lbs each. Two of the wheels have a...
  13. mikecolangelo

    1991 Porsche 944 S2 (Street Car)

    I have too many cars and need to downsize the fleet! Up for sale is a 1991 Porsche 944S2. Here are the details: - car is 98% stock and unmolested - clean title - registration just renewed - red exterior, black leather interior - original S2 engine (3.0L 4 cylinder), runs strong! - 5-speed...
  14. mikecolangelo

    Rolled my car at Pacific this weekend - Thanks for the help!

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the Rescue Crew, flaggers, EMTs, stewards, etc. who helped get me out of my rolled over car at the track today, checked me out, and ensured that I was OK. Also, thanks to the guys who helped push my damaged car onto the trailer. And, as some may have heard...
  15. mikecolangelo

    Passing Of A Legend - Carroll Shelby January 11, 1923 ~ May 10, 2012

    Shelby Automotive had some great ads. This is my favorite:
  16. mikecolangelo

    Will there be tire vendor/support this weekend at PIR?

    Will there be a tire vendor/support shop at this weekend's race at PIR?
  17. mikecolangelo

    Is a one-day race weekend (Sunday only) permitted?

    Other obligations are requiring that I won't be able to make it to the Saturday practice and qual sessions for the first two race weekends. I will be able to race on Sunday. Does anyone know if there are issues with this? Can I register (and pay) for a full race weekend but just show up on...
  18. mikecolangelo

    Who here does race car body work?

    I need (or want) to have the rear quarter panel on an older Civic race car straightened out and repainted. It's crunched a bit and is kind of an eyesore. Is there anyone in the Conference family who does body work or can at least direct me to a local shop who can do an affordable "race car...
  19. mikecolangelo

    Schedule for the April 14 Pacific Raceways IRDC Driver School and Lapping Day?

    Has the schedule for this weekend's driver school and lapping day been released yet? I've not received anything yet.
  20. mikecolangelo

    Anyone need a driver for the Roll-X 16? (Smell good, huggable, lactose intolerant)

    I just found out that I don't have to work this weekend. w00t! So, does anyone here need a driver for this weekend's Roll-X 16 race at Pacific? I've done many laps at Pacific, have a Conference race license, and have all the required driver gear, including a HANS. If so, feel free to give...