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    Finalized 2021 Race Schedule

    Here is the 2021 ICSCC race schedule! The Events and Results page is updated with this schedule along with Driver Training, Test n Tune, and Time Trials events.
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    CSCC Chicane Challenge is a GO!!!

    Just wanted to provide an update on Cascade's Chicane Challenge on June 20/21. Originally they had set a go/no go cutoff date of today June 13th. Cascade's President has been working extremely hard over the last couple of weeks trying to get in contact with someone to determine if the race was...
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    ICSCC Enduro License application now online

    ICSCC's new Enduro Competition License application is now online. The Enduro license allows drivers to race in ICSCC races at least one hour in length, so any mini enduro series race and Cascade's year end 8 hour enduro. What's different about this license is 1) it's only good for endurance...
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    New Fast Track Licensing Program!!

    New this year is Conference's expanded Observation Licensing program which allows drivers with prior racing experience a path to a senior competition license without going through the Novice program. Basically, drivers with at least four hours of wheel to wheel automobile racing experience...