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  1. Vince Vavrosky

    2nd entry cost vs entries in general

    Question to the masses. Hypothetically : If 2nd entry fees were reduced, allowing drivers to get more track time for their dollar, would drivers find more value in racing with ICSCC/CSCC and maybe come out to a race they normally would not attend? Would it be a worth while effort for a...
  2. Vince Vavrosky

    quick survey double race weekends vs single race

    I would like to pole the drivers and workers as to what they prefer as far as the race schedule goes throughout the year. 1: would you rather see more double race weekends and a limited weekend schedule (only 2 per track/club)? or 2: would you like to see more race weekends at each track with...
  3. Vince Vavrosky


    is the memo now only posted online or is it still being mailed out? I could not remember.
  4. Vince Vavrosky

    [WTB] Toyota Atlantic parts (Swift)

    Looking for FA/TA swift parts. 15" wheels front and rear uprights, brakes, hubs, roller in need of help if i could find one. not to may around anymore And I only need a few parts. Thanks