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    License payment option on MSR out of date.

    Correct, forms are not up because they may change this year. All TBD very soon. Would expect to be able to answer most if not all of your questions in a week. Forms to follow soon afterwards depending on how many changes are made. Thanks for your patience.
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    Tentative 2021 Race Schedule

    Here is the 2021 ICSCC tentative race schedule which should be finalized in January. Driver Training and Test n Tune dates will be available in January.
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    Inaugural Gary Bockman Memorial race win flags - REQUESTED

    They will be available. Hope everyone comes to pick them up!
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    CSCC Chicane Challenge is a GO!!!

    Just wanted to provide an update on Cascade's Chicane Challenge on June 20/21. Originally they had set a go/no go cutoff date of today June 13th. Cascade's President has been working extremely hard over the last couple of weeks trying to get in contact with someone to determine if the race was...
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    The Rose City Opener has unfortunately been cancelled due to the virus. Cascade's next race is scheduled for June 20/21. Hoping by then we'll have some better news.
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    ICSCC Enduro License application now online

    ICSCC's new Enduro Competition License application is now online. The Enduro license allows drivers to race in ICSCC races at least one hour in length, so any mini enduro series race and Cascade's year end 8 hour enduro. What's different about this license is 1) it's only good for endurance...
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    The rest of the forms are just about ready from what I've heard. Give it until Sunday or Monday and the License Application and Self Medical form should be posted. The Enduro License Application won't be available until later in February. Thanks for your patience.
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    All Weekends are Double Race Weekends??

    We probably talked with ten group 3/6 drivers about it and actually all were in favor of it. We realize this is only a sample but all liked it. The change the eboard made was a pretty small change. It is up to the clubs whether or not they want to host double race weekends. It is not...
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    All Weekends are Double Race Weekends??

    The change from sprint races to championship races roughly adds an average of $15 per entry of additional cost so not very much. What ends up raising the cost the most are declining race entries. Most of the clubs costs are fixed and most clubs run races to break even or make enough to replace...
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    All Weekends are Double Race Weekends??

    The main reason for the change was because so many drivers were wanting more racing during the weekend. That was the reason for the Saturday sprint races in the first place and people said why not make those races count for something? You weren't the only one who wasn't in favor of the...
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    When is the 2020 race schedule finalized?

    The NWMS date is confirmed. It's looking like a joint NWMS / SOVREN weekend making up the Spokane Festival of Speed! June 5-7 The SCCBC date should be confirmed in a week or two.
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    New Fast Track Licensing Program!!

    New this year is Conference's expanded Observation Licensing program which allows drivers with prior racing experience a path to a senior competition license without going through the Novice program. Basically, drivers with at least four hours of wheel to wheel automobile racing experience...