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    Anyone traveling from Seattle area to Portland ?

    Hi all. Looking for anyone traveling from Seattle area to Portland who would be able to haul a new Table Saw and stand. It would need to be in a truck or SUV as the boxes are quite large. 2 boxes roughly 36” x 40” x 15” Long story is we are helping s gentleman who lost his home and all his...
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    [For Sale] Garage / Shop space available for rent in North Seattle

    I have a good friend who has a large garage/shop with space available for rent. Shop total is roughly 1400 square feet with 3 bays and back room shop area. The space available for rent is roughly 800 square feet, which includes 1 car bay workshop area + back room shop/storage area. There is...
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    IRDC / Race Capture Pro Partnership

    For Immediate Release: IRDC is proud to announce a partnership with Autosport Labs Inc. located in Lynnwood, WA. They produce the RaceCapture line of cloud connected, real-time telemetry, data capture and control systems. Whether you want to view your data live or after the fact, you can do it...
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    IRDC Race Offical Training March 26 @ The Ridge

    RACE OFFICIAL TRAINING Become a RACE MARSHAL at local road racing events and an active participant with the best vantage point of the action! You will LEARN: Race Flag meanings and use Fire Suppression Techniques • Types of fires • Types of fire suppressants • Safety Radio Communications...
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    Trailer and car insurance

    I am looking into insurance to cover my trailer as well as car. My current policy covers the trailer and all tools that are in it, but the car, and spares, wheels & tires are not covered. I would like to find a policy that covers the car and spare parts when rolling down the road, as well as...
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    [Sold] 15 x 7 949 Racing 6UL wheels

    For Sale: complete set of 949 racing 6ul wheels. 15x7 in 4x100 bolt pattern. +36 offset. 10.6 lbs. brand new. $500 North Seattle/Lynnwood area or delivery to The Ridge at the 6 hour Enduro this weekend. I have pictures if needed. Brad 206-eight 1 eight 3632
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    FS: Chill Out Ice Vest

    Chill Out ice vest for sale. Excellant conditon, works great. Includes 8 ice packs. $50 As seen here Deliver to ORP next weekend or I can ship out. 206-818-3633 or...
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    Tire transport from Garth at A & T to Pacific Car Tender Challenge ?

    Looking to see if any fellow Portland Racers would be able to pick up 1 -15" new Hoosier tire from Garth and transport it up to the IRDC Car tender challenge? Sounds like the tire will be available to pick up sometime the week of June 9th. Please let me know and your favorite beer! Brad...
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    FS: 205/60/13 Full tread Toyo RA1

    I have a set of full tread Toyo RA1's with probably 8-10 heat cycles (all rain sessions) on them for sale. Tires have about 85-90% tread left. $150.00 -Brad Greco- 206-818-3632
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    [SOLD] XT Ultra Lap - Lap Timer

    XT Ultra lap timer. This is the timer only - you will need a beacon (typically there is always a beacon at most ICSCC events) Great condition. $100.00 E-mail, Text or call bjgreco at hotmail dot com 206-818-3632
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    [SOLD] Matco 2 post lift 10,000k capacity

    For Sale - Matco 2 post lift aproximately 4 years old. 10,000k Capacity. 220V power A symetrical lift. This was used for about 2 years in a auto shop - they went out of business and basically stored for the last 2 years. Has been professionally removed, and is waiting for a new home. It is...
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    F.S. set of 4 225/45/13 Tires

    For sale: 4 - 225/45/13 Hankook Ventus Z214 C51 compound tires. Aproximately 10-12 heat cycles. Would be perfect track day tires. I also have 2 additional tires with aprox 10 heat cycles $35 And a additional 2 tires with 5 heat cycles $100
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    13" Wheel Sale

    13" Wheel sale. All wheels were used on the my SPU Rabbit. All are in great shape, but have some minor scuffs/marks from mount/dismount and being on and off a race car. 13 x 7 ATS are in almost perfect shape. Have good for 1-2 track days 215/45/13 Hankook Ventus Z214 C51 Compound $550.00 for...
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    Gas jug holder for Trailer

    I have a bracket that would bolt onto the front of a enclosed or a open trailer which holds up to 6 square style 5 gallon fuel jugs, with a locking bar. I have pictures I can e-mail if interested $75 OBO
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    FS: 87' Mazda RX-7 Turbo (shell + blown motor)

    Posting for a friend. For sale 87’ 2nd Generation RX7 Turbo car. This was a track car that a friend owned and tracked for about a year until a apex seal went through the turbo blowing the motor. Car is in great condition with newer green paint (owner is a body man) but the car has been...
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    Single axle open car trailer with storage box & tire rack $500

    I have a small single axle trailer with a storage box up front and tire rack for sale. Trailer is in decent shape, but needs some TLC. I believe the deck is 13' or 14' in length. Trailer was at one time I believe a 5th wheel hookup, and has been converted to a standard style hookup with...
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    FS: metal shelves

    Set of 7 *all metal shelves for sale. *Perfect for garage or shop space. *Shelves are 17.5" deep, 3' wide and 6' tall and are grey in color. *Great condition. *$25 each and are located in Shoreline. *Pickup today or tomorrow morning. *Please call or text Brad 206-818-3632
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    Trailer Security

    I saw the thread and facebook postings about the stolen trailer in Portland and got me thinking. I would like to use some device which would make a trailer a LOT harder to steal (IE;wheel lock?) What do you find to work well and be easy to use, what should I stay away from. I currently have...
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    Sparco Pro2000 Seat

    I have a Sparco Pro2000 seat for sale Black. Very good condition. Has small rip in fabric and very very minor crack at left side shoulder wing from contact with Drivers side door bar. I have pictures I can send VIA e-mail. $300 Located in North Seattle area or could deliver to Spokane...
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    Tire service at ORP

    Does anyone know if there will be tire service at ORP for next weekends double race? Thanks