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    [WTB] Club Ford and/or lightweight trailer Wanted

    I have an 1981 Formula Ford that has been in storage for awhile after i bought a Swift. It can come with a trailer. Complete car that will need to be gone through on maintenance. $11k for car and another $1.5k for trailer with car. Trailer isn't available without car as I prefer to keep the...
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    [Sold] Citation Zink Z12B Formula Vee FV

    Fresh from the barn. Citation Zink Z12B FV Car was last raced in Spokane in 2006. Car broke a valve in head and has sat ever since. My father's health declined and he lost interest in the car. Car will more than likely need a piston and cylinder head rebuild at a minimum. Great project for...
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    Lap Records - NWMS - Spokane County Raceway

    Race Lap Records - Spokane County Raceway - Current Configuration - Long Course Class Date Name Lap Record AS 5/31/2014 Kevin Smith 1:36.800 CF 7/15/2012 James Hepburn 01:31.503 CP 7/15/2012 Steven True 1:45.035 CR 6/1/2014 Daniel Shrader 1:47.605 CSM...
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    New 1st Place trophies and ...

    That's right for the Northwest Grand Prix - June 19th thru 21st, Hank from Advanced Auto Fabrication really stepped up and sponsored new trophies this year and they are fantastic. and of course on Friday George assured us that the World Famous David's Pizza will be there on Friday for...
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    Formula Continentals - Spokane

    We currently have 10 Formula Continentals signed up for Spokane. That being said, I know there are others out there. This should be a great event and..... if you have a FC sitting in your garage/trailer, sign up and join the field! Jay
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    Spokane Track Map

    Here's probably the best I have. Jay
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    Spokane Test n Tune Day - Thursday - June 18th

    All, Cody will be holding a test n tune day prior to the Spokane race. $195 per car. $50 for additional driver and $50 for coaching. This is a great way to get familiar with the track and coaching from an experienced driver at their home track. Plus our support goes a long way in helping to...
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    NWMS Spokane - Special Races

    Quick reminder: Spokane will be hosting (2) 1 hour enduros. Along with that, we will be hosting (2) additional group 3/6 Sprint Races (non ICSCC championship) Sign up today for all of your Championship and extra race groups (so I can live with less stress!)...
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    Spokane Race - Out of Town Volunteers

    If you are planning on volunteering at the Spokane race this year, please send me an email at also let me know if you need a room. If you have already sent me an email, you can ignore this request. Thanks. Jay
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    NWMS Grand Prix Registration

    Since we are having delays getting registration on the ICSCC website, here is the link:
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    Spokane Lodging

    Ramada Inn has a block of rooms for racers and support. Rate is $84.00 per night which includes breakfast and is a room with two beds. RAMADA INN 8909 Airport Drive Spokane, WA 99219 Phone Number : 509-838-5211 Rate Code is CGNWM5 and is under Nothwest Motorsports Race Announcement to...
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    NWMS Grand Prix Photos

    Doug Berger was at the NWMS Grand Prix in Spokane last weekend. He took photos of all of the cars and NWMS had them printed and handed them out. They are also available for download at: Thank you Doug!
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    SWX Coverage of NWMS Grand Prix

    1st SWX coverage of the 2014 NWMS Grand Prix will be: 8PM Friday the 6th of June... and then again on Sunday June 8th at 4PM SWX Coverage: City Over-the-Air Cable Spokane 6-2 Comcast 306 Coeur d'Alene...
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    Spokane Volunteers - Corner Marshals, Grid, Control & Safety

    Just a reminder that the track goes hot at 8AM, so please be ready for assignments by 7:15AM every morning. Thomas will be handing out assignments. Thank you all for coming and I look forward to seeing you. I may even have some "swag" (if that is what you call it and it arrives at my house)...
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    Spokane Hotels - Rooms are available

    Hotel rooms are still available with some availability near the track. As of 5:15PM the following have rooms, I am sure there is more than that, but this is what I have found in 5 minutes: Days Inn & Suites Phone: 509-244-0222 1215 S. Garfield...
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    World Famous Pizza!

    Yes, it is back! David's Pizza will once again be catering Friday's pizza social at the NWMS Grand Prix! Bring an appetite and a chair! We will provide the rest! Spokane County Raceway May 29th thru June 1st.
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    Calling all NOVICES

    Absolutely the cheapest admission to a Novice event(s)! Northwest Motorsports Grand Prix - Spokane, WA $265.00 gets you two races at Spokane over a three day weekend. Stay around Sunday and get your required work in. (Yep, it is required and you can get a lot of it done here!) Plus, if...
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    NWMS Grand Prix - May 30th thru June 1st

    We are only two weeks away from the NWMS Grand Prix. Once again we will have SWX television coverage (and you didn't even know that you were going to be a celebrity.) A limited amount of rooms are available at the Ramada 509-838-5211 at the Spokane airport. Rate should be $70 w/o breakfast...
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    Sad News

    Greg LaTendresse passed away Sunday morning (10/6/13) from sudden cardiac arrest in Spokane, WA after having a double bypass and heart valve replacement surgery two weeks before . Greg was a group 3 driver (Formula Ford) from the 70's into the early 90's. He competed in a home built Formula...
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    NWMS Spokane SWX Race Presentation

    Tonight, Friday July 19th, SWX will be presenting the OReilly's Auto Parts Northwest Grand Prix. This will be at 6-7PM Pacific. The follow on presentation will be Saturday, July 20th 5-6PM. SWX is Channel 115 on comcast cable (Spokane Area) and Channel 6-2 on rabbit ears. Coeur d...