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  1. tobybasiliko

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    Yeah. It's a complete cop- out. Own it. I KNOW that the medical's not a big deal one way or the other. I also KNOW that this Covid crap has eaten my race budget, my play budget, and run up a not- insignificant credit card debit. I ALSO now know that my place of employment is supremely...
  2. tobybasiliko

    Tech Inspection forms?

    I went, as I often do, to print tech forms so's I have the annual form ready to go and stuff. I was thwarted- they're coming soon! Not minding much, jus' I have such terrible handwriting that I find it helps everyone if I fill them out at home, wit der 'puter. See you all tomorrow!!! Woo...
  3. tobybasiliko

    I like racing on Saturdays!

    I wasn't sure how the weekend flow would go with the 'new' format, but I like it a lot. The Saturday non- points sprint is a blast, and by Sunday, the championship race is that much easier, from a driver's perspective. More racing IS better! Thanks to all for a great weekend, Toby
  4. tobybasiliko

    4 digit numbers and 4 letter words

    For those of you who (like me) who weren't paying enough attention, we are no longer identifiable by number. As in, "100 just passed under yellow. Again." doesn't automatically mean I did it. If I wasn't there that weekend, it coulda been anyone. "Hey, you looked great at Portland!" Nope...
  5. tobybasiliko

    Pacific Raceways Saturday schedule

    I was surprised to not find this here already. So here it is: I liked the combined AM practice in July better than not having practice in May. Neither was ideal, but the mini- enduros have been so successful that I'm willing to live with a combined practice. And not even grumble about it...
  6. tobybasiliko

    What's the verdict on the Spokane track?

    Just wondering how things went this morning. Toby
  7. tobybasiliko

    Whre did the 'records' section of go?

    I can't find the current and past year lap charts, race results, etc. ou est? gratzie, t
  8. tobybasiliko

    hey, isn't it rules change season already?

    I was thinking about adding... no, no I really wasn't. heh. t
  9. tobybasiliko

    Pit Crew! well, potentially... in a few years... He weighs less than the rattlegun right now... t
  10. tobybasiliko

    Supps for ORP?

    I seem to have misplaced my last Memo- what's a single entry fee for the May 22-23 race? Thx, t
  11. tobybasiliko

    what DID I drink last night???

    my vision's all screwed up now- this board looks waaay different. >hic< Happy New Year! Toby
  12. tobybasiliko

    Runoffs video online

    at The LackofSpeed thread reminded me of this... t
  13. tobybasiliko

    Turbos in Production

    Hmmm.... what tale does the telltale tell? The rule change doesn't say... t
  14. tobybasiliko

    Friday track entry times.

    I have a request- (too late for a rules change through my club, this year) could Friday track availability times be put on the race announcement or the schedule? it helps with planning... Thank you. t
  15. tobybasiliko

    The Rain in Mission falls Mainly by the Fraiser

    or, darn, I wish I had a decent set of intermediates. See you all tomorrow. t
  16. tobybasiliko

    Oregon Raceway- is it a go?

    Haven't heard anything recently- are we racing in Oregon this October? I know I wanna... Toby