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    Noob at Seattle..

    I'm hoping to make it to next week's race at PR, and the test day. I haven't been there before, so just thought it would be worth asking a couple questions here. Test day starts at 8.30 or whatever it is, it's a 3.30 hour drive from here at least, not counting any possible border trouble. I...
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    Wanted: Compressor, tire machine

    Long shot, but I'm looking for a couple things, might as well try here. I'm in Vancouver BC but will hopefully be heading down to Seattle in a couple weeks for the last conference race of the year. I'd like to buy a compressor. Budget is not the greatest, maybe up to $300, definitely looking...
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    Wanted: 15x4" Wide 5 steelies - VW Bug / Formula Vee wheels

    Looking for 1 or 2 sets of wheels for the vee. Must be straight-ish (lol..) and hopefully not need sandblasting. Unless you can also find me a good deal on that :D There's gotta be someone out there holding on to their Vee that won't really need 5 sets of wheels anymore..
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    AMB TranX260 rechargeable transponder, new style

    Howdy - I bought this (second hand) a month or so back, as I was looking to save some money and it was a decent deal. I wanted a wired transponder but could not find a used one anywhere, they sell faster than cheap drugs. So obviously right after I bought this, I found a great deal on a wired...
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    Sleeping at Pacific Raceways

    Howdy - I'll hopefully be racing at PR in 3 weeks, but due to a mix of low funds and unsureness that I'll actually make it (my fuel cell cracked unexpectedly, which doesn't help either the low funds, or the time I have to work on the car!) I'm considering sleeping in the back of the wagon. I...
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    Wanted - AMB Transponder

    Hey, Just getting started with this racing thing, bought a Formula Vee locally a few days ago and will hopefully be running it for the first time this weekend at Mission.. With the precious help of the always gracious Bob Williams, I found a transponder to use this weekend (the track ran out...