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  1. Randy Blaylock

    [Sold] 11 Gallon dump can with Red Head male dry break valve

    ***SOLD*** 11 Gallon dump can, Quikfill brand. Includes billet vent cap, silicon elbow and 2-1/4" Red head dry break valve. Asking $225 OBO complete. Call or text: two oh six - three nine eight - 9283.
  2. Randy Blaylock

    [Sold] ATL Fuel Cell, 22 gallon

    *** SOLD*** ATL SP122B Fuel Cell for sale. Never been installed or had gas in it. It's a few years old, but again, never been used. Basically NOS - new old stock Dimensions for the main box are 25-1/8" wide x 16-7/8" deep x 13-3/4" tall. The top mounting flange measures 26-1/2" x 18-1/4"...
  3. Randy Blaylock

    Season opening 2 hour mini enduro at The Ridge April 19th is Double Points

    IRDC's enduro weekend at The Ridge includes the season opening round of the "Northwest Mini Enduro Championship Series" - NWMECS, a 2 hour event to be held on April 19th. This season opening 2 hour mini enduro will be DOUBLE POINTS!! Link here for info and to register...
  4. Randy Blaylock

    Turn station zones for purposes of flagging, particularly yellow flags

    In my time as License Director, on a few occasions when I have worked a turn, and as a driver receiving a donut for a pass under yellow, I have always wondered what the "zone", so to speak, was for each turn station at each track Conference regularly runs. It matters, because flag officials...
  5. Randy Blaylock

    Where are all of the Miatas?

    Miatas sure are popular at the 25, seem to be a great platform for enduros, where are all of our local racers and why aren't they signing up for the first ever enduro at The Ridge?
  6. Randy Blaylock

    IRDC annual banquet

    For those interested in attending the annual IRDC banquet, the date is Saturday February 16th, location is the LeMay Museum Club Auto location in Kirkland, WA. Details will be provided as developed.
  7. Randy Blaylock

    Notice of IRDC January general membership meeting cancellation

    For IRDC members and guests, please be advised that the January regular general membership meeting, scheduled for Jan 2nd, has been cancelled. We look forward to reuniting with IRDC members and guests in the new year, at the Feb 6th meeting.
  8. Randy Blaylock

    Renegade toterhome and stacker trailer for sale

    Looking at diesel pushers, so my race hauler package is looking for a new home. It's been a fantastic rig and trailer. Here's an ad with the particulars;
  9. Randy Blaylock

    Fall Finale at The Ridge Motorsports Park

    The Ridge Racing School with Bullet Racing will be holding it's final event of the 2012 season, a two day weekend event at The Ridge Motorsports Park, on October 13th & 14th. There will be an open passing group and a point to pass group, each group will have seven 30 minute sessions per day...
  10. Randy Blaylock

    Reducing race weekends and other changes

    Last night at my IRDC club meeting I proposed several rule changes. Many were simply "house cleaning" fixes that made zero effective change to the way things are done. Three of the proposals do have the potential to cause a shift in how Conference races are scheduled and run. At the IRDC club...
  11. Randy Blaylock

    Found-AIM IR Beacon Transmitter at The Ridge

    Who forgot to pick up their transmitter? Suggestion....if you have one of these things, label it or sharpie your contact info on it.
  12. Randy Blaylock

    Tire wall bundle building party at The Ridge this Sunday

    It would be cool if some of you would join me for a tire wall bundle building party at The Ridge Motorsports Park this Sunday. This is a volunteer thing, no compensation other than knowing you had a hand in bringing a really cool racing facility online. I will be there around 9am, probably work...
  13. Randy Blaylock

    Open passing test day at The Ridge Motorsports Park

    Just wanted to pass along that there is an opportunity for experienced lappers to get some seat time in an open passing format at The Ridge Motorsports Park on the upcoming April 28-29 weekend. Race teams are also welcome to join us as we begin our testing program for the upcoming racing...
  14. Randy Blaylock

    26' Pace Shadow Daytona Ultra trailer F/S, black 2007 loaded

    MY 2007 26' Pace trailer purchased new in 2008. Used less than 3000 miles. Shadow Daytona Ultra package, Pace's top model. 12K GVWR, 7200lbs. payload. 12" extra height, one piece seamless aluminum roof. Extended tongue-60", good for stability or motorhome towing. 2-5/16" HD Coupler. Tandem 6K...
  15. Randy Blaylock

    Promotional video for The Ridge Motorsports Park

    Check this out;
  16. Randy Blaylock

    First laps at The Ridge Motorsports Park today

    There was a gathering of close friends and family today at The Ridge Motorsports Park to take some cars out on the finished road course. It's done, and frankly, it's fantastic. I drove Joe's 505hp Z06, top speed on the front stretch is 150 +/- in this car on street tires, turned a 1:55 lap time...
  17. Randy Blaylock

    Paving at The Ridge Motorsports Park has begun

    Lakeside Paving started laying the asphalt on the road course at The Ridge this morning. There are 10 trucks with trailers on site to feed the tandem paving machines, and a total of 25 trucks in rotation between the site and the asphalt plant. The final course will be 40 feet wide. It's...
  18. Randy Blaylock

    Cascade Enduro Pics !!

    Cool night blur shot from Doug's gallery;
  19. Randy Blaylock

    Post season race schedule assessment

    There was a lot of discussion last fall and spring about the total number of races, and total number of weekends. There seemed to be a general consensus that the proposed schedule at the time of 17 races was too many, and the Conference E-Board made adjustments. It's that time of the year again...
  20. Randy Blaylock

    Formula Mazda rental wanted

    Looking for another FM to rent, a friend wants to try one. I have one now, need another.