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  1. Bill Bonsell

    Sampson Communications Radio kit - $325.00

    Great 5W Midland radio set. Purchased in 2011 - Includes pit crew head set. Included is in car radio box and wiring. Will not work with exterior mounted antenna. Please call or text me at 360.621.1516. Thanks.
  2. Bill Bonsell

    [SOLD] Great tire/wheel package for CSM or H4

    DB-Motorsports has a set of 3/32nd shaved RA-1's mounted on 15x7 30 offset Tirerack Motorsports C1 wheels. These tires have never seen pavement and would be perfect for the September ICSCC event at the Ridge. Wheels are in perfect condition. Over $1050. if purchased new today....BUT $700 OBO...
  3. Bill Bonsell


    Brian Bonsell's 1991 Spec Miata is for sale. Anyone who know this car, knows how competitive it is and can further be in the hands of the right driver. Brian has run a 1:59.8 at the Ridge with crap Hoosiers. Dad a 1:41.6 at PR before the repave. A really great driver with sticker Hoosiers...
  4. Bill Bonsell

    For Sale....Excellent K2500 '95 Suburban Tow Vehicle....

    My son Brian is looking to sell his 3/4 Ton '95 Suburban. In very good condition. Body is perfect. Tows our 20" enclosed trailer with race car very well. Here is the link to the CL add....$3100/offer Thanks.... Bill
  5. Bill Bonsell

    Shaved 205x50x15 RA-1's on 15x7 TRM C1 30 offset wheels...

    Have a set of mounted shaved 3/32nd RA-1's on 15x7 4x100 wheels. Purchased from Garth at A&T last fall. Never have seen pavement. Bargained priced at $900. And will consider delivery within the Seattle area. Text me at 360.621.1516 if interested. Thanks for looking. Bill
  6. Bill Bonsell

    FS: 1991 Porsche 944S2

    Up for sale is my 1991 Porsche 944S2. Odometer registers 151,081. Excellent driver and mechanically sound. Looks great from 10 ft with a pretty decent interior. Not a perfect car by any means, but pretty rare with only 530 '91 Coupes imported into the US. Original base price was $41,990. Would...
  7. Bill Bonsell

    2014 Spec Miata Tire Survey

    Currently Section 13 C 1319 states "class shall run under current Oregon SCCA rules, except if the spec tire changes, the previous seasons spec tire will remain legal for the following race season". For 2013, both the Toyo Proxes RA-1 and the Hoosier SM6 and H2O are legal for ICSCC Spec Miata...
  8. Bill Bonsell

    Paddock Assignment and Enduro move in proceedure.

    I'll be providing motor home and enclosed trailer support for the Jason Raines L3 entry. Just curious as we get towards the race how is the paddock is being set up. Will it be done similarly to how the paddocks have been set up at both Pacific and Portland for their enduro's? Since there is a...
  9. Bill Bonsell

    How about some "COTA" race video from this past weekend!!

    This is a Spec Miata race at the SCCA Majors just run at the Circuit of the America's. Over 80 SM's took the green flag. Isn't it about time to go racing!!! Bill-
  10. Bill Bonsell

    "Survive the 25" Documentary to air this Friday - 9pm Pacific

    The 2012 version of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is airing on NBC Sports this Friday, March 15th at 9pm PT.... Several teams from the Pacific Northwest participated. Must watch TV!
  11. Bill Bonsell

    PRO3 Donor Car Value?

    Was wanting to know how much a '84 318i should be worth...then checked the rules and noticed PRO3 used the 325 platform....thought I had a great lead on a one owner car. Sorry!
  12. Bill Bonsell

    25 Hours of Thunderhill Video...for your enjoyment.

    Thought this is a very slick little 4 minute video with awesome music. Love the glowing rotors at 1:44.... Happy New Year. Bill-
  13. Bill Bonsell

    Interesting data on the new Toyo RR -

    The link below has some interesting data regarding the new Toyo RR race tire which is being used extensively at the 25 Hour of Thunderhill. It will also likely be seen in Conference in 2013 in both Pro3 and Spec Miata, among others...
  14. Bill Bonsell

    Spec Miata on display at the Seattle Auto Show...

    James Wetter's ICSCC race lap record holding Spec Miata is on display at the Mazda Exhibit at the Auto Show running through Sunday. A great honor for James and I must admit the car looks great after repaint and all new graphics from Dave Conover. James will be there between 10-Noon Sunday...
  15. Bill Bonsell

    WOW...sobering video. Could I get out in 10 seconds?

    Just posted video of a crash involving a 944 and a BMW at the recent NASA Nationals.
  16. Bill Bonsell

    SCCA PIR - Cancelled.

    Watch for an increase in entries for The Ridge as the conflicting SCCA race at PIR was cancelled this morning due to low car counts. Suspect some will venture north and join us. Bill-
  17. Bill Bonsell

    Toyo R888's for sale....205x50x15

    I've got some 888's for sale. One set of 3/32nd shaved (never mounted) for $500. And another set of full tread with one 30 minute rain session mounted on TMS 15x7 - 30 offset wheels for $800. Both sets purchased in 2012. Package deal of $1200. Can bring to The Ridge if necessary. Contact me at...
  18. Bill Bonsell

    WOW....look at these run groups!!

    Wishing I was down at Infineon visiting my brother this weekend. Look at these registration numbers for a SCCA Rational weekend. Group 7 has 72 Miatas including several NW racers. And a 40 car OW grid. Can't wait to see some video, especially of the start!! Anyone who has driven Infineon knows...
  19. Bill Bonsell

    Portland Weather??

    Ok...I admit it. I don't like racing in the rain. And I certainly don't want to travel down and back in a motor home at 8 mpg, etc, etc and face wet conditions for most of a race weekend. So.....would fellow racers from Portland, please play weatherman for me and tell me by mid day tomorrow...
  20. Bill Bonsell

    Spec Mata Rental needed....

    Roger Caddell is considering a SM rental for Andrew for the SCCA event at the Ridge on July 28-29th. I told him I would post on the Conference forum. Contact Roger at Bill-