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    When will License Renewal Forms for 2022 be available?

    That's it, Just wanted to know when those would be available. I'd like to go ahead and get my paperwork taken care of. Kevin Smith
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    [WTB] ISO 24' enclosed trailer

    Maybe you should talk to Peggy Walker at 99 West Trailers. She's a long time supporter of both Conference & SCCA
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    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    I applaud the change. Lucky Dog doesn't require physical for their drivers, and they are eating conference's lunch as far as driver participation and getting new drivers in. The physical costs about as much as one or two race entries, and so if you aren't racing very frequently, it does add to...
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    License payment option on MSR out of date.

    Is that the reason all the forms on the form page seem to be empty also? When will medical forms be available? Are medicals still required for licensing? Medical needed for both racing license and enduro license? Or only for racing license?
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    Rick - We are customers. We spend money suppporting ICSCCC and both John and I have extensively volunteered our time to help ICSCC remain strong and to put on ICSCC events. It bothers me that you think otherwise. And that you choose to try to admonish us for making what seem like reasonable...
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    Given that our licenses officially expire on 12/31/2019, I think it is very poor procedure on the part of ICSCC not to have final 2020 forms by the beginning of December 2019. I typically schedule my exams for December, since in January I may have different health care providers based on my...
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    Team Continental Track Day

    Team Continental is having an HPDE/Driver training on Saturday Sept 22nd at Oregon Raceway Park. In order for this to happen we need 45 entrants signed up by August 18th. Mid-September is a time for excellent track weather in Central Oregon, it should be an outstanding event. There is a $50...
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    Form for personal safety gear annual

    With the new rules that allow for an annual inspection for personal safety gear, is there also a new form that we need to fill out to get the annual for our gear?
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    ORP video thread

    Group 4 on Sunday, from inside #03 American Sedan Firebird. First couple of laps are interesting.
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    Thanks ORP workers.

    I'd like to thank all the workers who helped TC to put on the race and driver training at ORP this past weekend. You really put out effort in hot and sunny conditions, and Saturday was a very long day for all. I'd like to thank you all, as both a TC member, and as a driver. Kevin Smith Team...
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    944 for sale

    A coworker has a 944 for sale. Might make a great PRO44 race car, or just use it as a driver. Here's the link to the craigslist ad: Please contact through the craigslist ad if interested.
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    Thanks NWMS & Wrokers

    Great event at Spokane. Thanks Northwest Motorsports and workers for a great weekend. Also, thanks to Hank Moore of Advanced Auto Fabrication for welding my panhard rod bracket on Saturday night, and thus helping me be able to race on Sunday. It was a beautiful, fun weekend. Kevin Smith AS...
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    TC ORP Race weekend

    I'd like to thank everyone who helped Team Continental put on the race this weekend at Oregon Raceway Park. It was a great race weekend. As a driver I had a good time, I ate well thanks to the TC chefs, I was safe on course thanks to all the workers. Registration, paddock, tech, scales, timing...
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    SA2000 helmet - good for anything?

    I have an old SA200 Bell M2 helmet. These are no longer good for ICSCC racing. Are they good for anything or should I just throw this away?
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    Team Continental August Race

    Hey folks, I wanted to encourage everyone to come out to Oregon Raceway Park for Team Continental's August race with driver training/test and tune on Friday. I know it will be a great weekend. Come join us for the drivers traing/test and tune, it is definitely value priced at $175. And a race...
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    Thanks Workers, TC, ORP owners for great racing at ORP

    Just wanted to say thank you to all the workers and to TC for putting on a great race weekend at ORP. It was kind of cold and windy, and thanks for all you do so that we (drivers) can race. And thank you to the owners, investors and visionaries that got ORP built. It was a great track to run...