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    IRDC membership

    Got it. Thank you. ........annnnnnd DONE!
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    IRDC membership

    Anyone know who the current IRDC membership contact is? Need to renew my membership for license renewal. The link here takes you to the IRDC page which seems to be out of date.
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    Rules modification for Corona

    Something I would request the rules folks take a look at when the time comes is licensing requirements due to the Corona epidemic. Many of us are going to miss races and some of us (like me) who may have missed ALL the races last year, say for instance because of a major shoulder rotator cuff...
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    Soooo, also wondering if anyone knows about club memberships. I went to the IRDC site just now and there is no way to renew club membership which is of course required to renew a racing license.
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    Thunder Roadster question for the group

    What class/classes does the Thunder Roadster fit in?
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    [For Sale] Race gas

    I have 6 gallons of VP 110 left over from Portland a couple weeks ago that I don't care to over winter. It was fresh that week. I can bring it to The Ridge Saturday morning 9/17. $30
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    Pedal positions

    Q: Floor mount vs Swing pedals----and go!
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    Mel Kemper contact info

    Does anyone have Mel Kemper's contact info?
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    Thoughts on winches (not wenches)

    My little 3000 lb winch is sooooo slow. Does anyone have a winch they are really happy with for loading their car into the trailer? I would like better line speed and more power--maybe at least a 5000 lb and need min. 30 feet cable. Any recommendations? Thanks--Doug
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    2008 Impact gear recalled

    I saw in another racing forum that some 2008 Impact Racing gear has been recalled. If you have Impact gear I would advise you to check.