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  1. brucebe

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    Dick - we all contribute and participate in varying ways. In its simplest form, prioritizing one's time and discretionary budget to go racing in the first place, is the most fundamental level of contribution. Clearly, the concern is the loss of entries/drivers, to the point of gambling...
  2. brucebe

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    Gustav - exactly. Since on an event-by-event basis, it is the member clubs that experience the financial bottom-line. Your club has innovated to make certain scenarios more attractive. If I'm a first-timer, NWMS could offer a first-timer discount that effectively covers their medical exam (as...
  3. brucebe

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    Steve - yes, you are correct. But it is most certainly a nit. The correct protocol could be put in-place to support what Andy and I proposed. When a novice is upgraded to ARR, that first race entry is waived. Cheers, -Bruce
  4. brucebe

    IRDC is desperately looking to fill 3 positions for this year!

    Karl - not sure what's involved with the Equipment Manager. We'll be at all three IRDC weekends, supporting clients. I can be reached at If it's about moving equipment around and making sure it's accounted for, that's a possibility
  5. brucebe

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    The time, money, and planning to make a doctor's appointment is *insignificant* in comparison to the time, money, and planning associated with preparing a reliable and safe racecar. Some things don't need to be tested, especially as it relates to safety. Sounds like you want to treat the drivers...
  6. brucebe

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    Ok - so this thread has been basically hijacked with diversions surrounding volunteerism, false choices, and all sorts of stories from camp. In my view, the "how we got here" is irrelevant. In an attempt to re-focus things a bit, it seems the reasoning behind this change is to lure young (or...
  7. brucebe

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    I just read through the very extended "From The President" article in the latest memo, and had previously read an email about the subject of these new license tiers. While I'm sure we all have opinions about the new license tiers, the differentiation between ARR and IRR has practical safety...
  8. brucebe

    The 2020 Season - a few not-so-random thoughts

    Based on what? At the time of my original post, this was the projected *peak* date for hospital resources, which is the top of the curve, determined by the folks at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). These guys are a premier health research center at UW Medicine, and their...
  9. brucebe

    The 2020 Season - a few not-so-random thoughts

    Bob - agree on the border. BC also seems to be doing a rather good job of mitigating COVID-19, so perhaps the border will open up in the same time-frame. Current projected peak for WA is 4/24.
  10. brucebe

    The 2020 Season - a few not-so-random thoughts

    As we all hunker down and wistfully remember the days of going out to eat, shaking hands, and not worrying about our toilet paper supply, I'm sure racing, and the potential lack of it, is also rattling around in all of our heads. As I think about how we conduct our sport, and we all continue to...
  11. brucebe

    When is the 2020 race schedule finalized?

    Title says it all - to maximize our clients' participation, it will be helpful to know when the event dates will get locked in, so we can avoid conflicts. Thanks, -Bruce
  12. brucebe

    2nd entry cost vs entries in general

    IMHO, the financial and logistics overhead of attending a race weekend far exceed the incremental price reduction proposed in the original question. I believe the cost of the second entry is a red-herring. The amount of competitive track time is the underlying issue. SOVREN has this figured...
  13. brucebe

    Forum Software Changes

    Looks good - more modern interface, responsive. Well done. -Bruce
  14. brucebe

    Proposed passing rule change 1504

    So, what is the thinking behind this rule change proposed by CSCC? IMO, 1504 is fundamentally problematic, as it does not assign proportional responsibility to the driver with the best view of the situation (overtaking driver). But - to the specific change proposed this year, what is the...
  15. brucebe

    [For Sale] E30 PRO3-legal 15" wheels

    We're liquidating several sets of Circle/Spinwerkes aluminum race wheels: 15" x 7" 10mm offset Weight - approximately 11.2lbs Set one ($250) - mounted with BF Goodrich G-force tires. Set two ($200) - mounted with Hoosier R6 tires. Plenty of tire, just *old*. One wheel is missing - Spinwerks...
  16. brucebe

    South Lake European GP Saturday results

    Any plans to post the times/laps/results from the non-points activities on Saturday? I was told as much, so I didn't take any sheets. -Bruce
  17. brucebe

    Matco tool boxes for sale

    We just cleaned-up and prepped a few Matco toolboxes for sale. At $1400, it's a lot of tool-truck grade storage for the dollar. The CL ad is here. -Bruce #56 ST/SPM/SPO
  18. brucebe

    FS: Canton remote oil filter with 5 replacement filters

    This is the longer ( ~6 inches) anodized aluminum remote filter (CAN-25-106), with -10 fittings installed (ports can handle -12). Filter elements are 8 micron, part #CM-45. Filter has seen minimal use (< 6-months), just not the right part for our application. Priced at 50-cents on the dollar...
  19. brucebe

    Old Race Cam system FS: $100

    This was one of the nicer video systems around, before the flash-based cameras changed the game. Great optics, non-HD composite output, and LAN-c control - will work with any camcorder/recorder that can take a composite video input. If the recording device has a LAN-C remote input, you can...
  20. brucebe

    Pit cart for sale

    Has room for a larger toolbox at the rear, and plenty of shelving for smaller toolboxes. Two belly boxes for fluids/etc, as well as a larger L-shaped bottom compartment for bigger items. It can hold a Nitrogen bottle or two in the bottom, between the wheels. Doors are aluminum (powder coated...