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    Dash for Kids and the eclipse

    So, it occurred to me today that the Dash for Kids happens the day before the solar eclipse. Living in Albany and working in Salem I am aware that Salem is expecting 1.5 million people to descend upon the city and ODOT is warning about total gridlock on local city streets and highways. Does...
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    [Sold] 1984 Citation Formula Vee w/Trailer $5000

    SOLD 1984 Citation Formula Vee Ron Chuck Engine Refreshed by Mike Palermo in 2015 (7 race weekends since refresh) Roxanne Stainless Steel exhaust New fuel cell in 2017 (custom built by Fuel Safe, FIA documentation included) New Ballistic Battery and charger (Sept. 2017) Belts good through the...
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    Are there any Test and Tune days...

    I am looking for a test and tune day that is not associated with an ICSCC race weekend AND that accepts open wheel race cars. Does anyone know of anything available? Thanks in advance.
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    Chicane Chalenge Schedule Question

    At the last drivers meeting at Portland it was mentioned that the schedule was going to change due to noise complaints (I think). Is the schedule that is posted on Motorsportsreg correct or is there a different schedule we need to be looking at. Current schedule shows the first group out at 9...
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    Rain Lights...

    I guess the SCCA has changed their rain light rule. From the 2015 GCR: 9.3.32. LIGHTS All non-Formula cars shall have two operating red brake lights. All Formula (open wheel) and Sports Racing cars shall be equipped with a red taillight of at least the equivalent illumination power of a 15...
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    2015 Race Dates

    Any idea when the schedule for this year will be posted? I know that it is a lot of work and it takes time, but in the interest of trying to secure vacation days to go racing, sooner is better than later! Thanks for the info!
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    Question on new seat belt rule E 1105 B.4

    I understand that this rule passed, and that both FIA and SFI belts are now good for 5 years. Here is my question: My SFI belts are stamped August 2012. Can I now use them until December 31, 2017 or do I have to replace them? I just want to be sure before I show up to the track with...
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    Question for FV guys...

    Are any FVs from the PNW going to the Formula Vee 50th Anniversary Festival at Roebling Road?