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    [For Sale] Bugeye

    Bugeye project for sale, lost interest. sills and floors done, seats done, chrome is a work of art. Several thousand dollars of moss parts 6500.00, delivered 509 312 0182
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    NWFC Formula Continental Racing

    It is that time of year.....when people start thinking about selling their cars. I am aware of several cars for sale that are currently not being listed. One is a screaming deal. Message me at if you are looking for the most speed for your racing dollar.
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    Ok racers, if you like running at Spokane, and you are on the fence about coming this year.......we are currently about 20 entries short of our break even point!!! So show your support for NWMS and make the tow out east, or watch us go under........we are televising this years race !!!
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    Spokane Workers Fund

    Please do not forget that worker costs are significantly higher at Spokane due to the duration of the event and the distance traveled. Over the last several years we have spent roughly 3 times the amount donated. So if your usual donation is $5.00, consider $15.00 this year ! See you all in...
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    Who left their binocs in Spokane?
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    Spokane.....needs more racers

    We are currently 20 % below last years entry level with 2 more days to go before the late fee kicks in. At this level it is doubtful we will make costs. So if you like racing on the east side get your entry in an come and join us for pizza and beer on Friday night.
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    Spokane hotel overflow

    In the event the Ramada Inn is full the best western pepper tree inn is offering a 99.00 room rate, just mention that you are attending an event at Spokane County Raceway for the rate on either a single king...
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    NWMS worker registration

    Please register here if you are working
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    HIGHLANDER "there can be only one"

    Anyone ever wonder who the best driver in the Pacific Northwest is? Is it one of the Class Champions or is it a driver that only runs at a couple of tracks and does not qualify for the Championship? I think we all have our favorite choices and opinions......we just do not have a way to...
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    Calling all Formula Cars SPOKANE

    Over the last few years Spokane and the following race at Pacific have been the best attended ICSCC Formula Car races. For the obvious reason that I drive a Formula Continental my son and I have concentrated our efforts towards increasing the FC count and we are predicting between 10 and 20...
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    25 Green Flags will drop at Spokane!

    18 Championship Races (including 3 NOW races), 2 NCW Races, a one hour Enduro, 2 Hare and Hound qualifying races and 2 Hare and Hound Races. So double entries that race both Special Races can take the green flag 9 times !
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    Congratulations NWMS Drivers

    Congratulations to all NWMS Drivers who competed at ORP last weekend. Of the 15 Races you guys entered the total of 10 wins and 2 third place finishes is impressive!! Well Done
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    Voodoo Economics

    Or the fallacy of valuable track time. There is a reoccurring argument that some groups do not pay their fair share of valuable track all know who I am talking about...... The calculation basically takes the number of cars in the race group, divides it be entries and multiplies by...
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    Spokane SWX

    NWMS is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with SWX to film and broadcast our 2013 Race. In addition we will also produce a DVD that will be made available to all racers who attend the race. There are a limited number of opportunities to have your company or organizations...
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    Formula Continentals for sale

    In 2012 Formula Continental achieved ICSCC Championship Class status. Fifteen different drivers raced in either ICSCC (13) or SCCA (2) events. For 2013 2 new FC drivers and cars have joined the conference family. There are an additional 13 cars sitting in garages......some that will reportedly...
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    Spokane Update

    Just 4 more weeks until the green flag flys at Spokane County Raceway. Last year, with over 450 entries, Spokane was the ICSCC's largest race weekend. All but one Class Champion raced at Spokane, along with more Championship qualifiers than any other event. Spokane fielded the largest group 3...
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    Merry Xmas From NWMS - Lap Records- do not open till Dec 25

    Congratulations to all of our 2011 Race Lap Record Holders Sorry for the format Class Date Number Name Town Club Make License Lap Record AP AS 07/17/11 474 Gray Presting Jr Portland, OR CSCC Chevrolet Camaro ICSCC 01:40.222 CF 07/17/11 08...
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    FF Revolutions

    3 fronts and 2 rears from a Lola 342 425.00
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    Spokane Group 3 Thanks & Poster

    forget finding waldo find james
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    Spokane Group 3 Thanks & Poster

    SIXTY PLUS ENTRIES OVER 3 DAYS Thank you Group 3! But for last minute withdrawls, due to tentative race status, and mechanical attrition, it would have been over 90. More important there was good, close, racing from the front to the back. A few of you did not get the Group 3 Poster before...