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  1. colin_koehler

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    It's nice to have a primary physician, but when I didn't - this process sucked. When I didn't have a primary physician - it was a nightmare to find a place that do this type of physical - I went to 5 and none of them I wanted to be in. I had waited too long to renew and getting an appt with a...
  2. colin_koehler

    Finalized 2021 Race Schedule

    Maybe NWMS and Sovren can retain their combined event and relocate it to ORP? Early June would be a lovely time to be at ORP.
  3. colin_koehler

    License payment option on MSR out of date.

    The license form says "License fees can only be paid through" However, I cannot find that on MSR. The one I did find ended on Dec 31 2020. When should license applicants expect a new listing on MSR so we can make payment toward our 2021 license? Thank you in advance.
  4. colin_koehler

    IRDC 50 Years of Racing

    I'm looking forward to this upcoming event and have heard that it is a "definite go". I hope the number of entries grows as this is only IRDC race this year. The Cascade race was enjoyable and after attending a few races this year between ICSCC and SCCA, I've found that adhering to the safety...
  5. colin_koehler

    [Sold] Hoosier/Conti H2Os and BFG R1S - 225/45/17

    I have a new/unused set of Hoosier H2Os that were made for the Continental series - they are identical to the Hoosier H2O in everyway, they just don't have a DOT stamp. Price= $400 for the set. I also have a set of BFG R1-S that have 8 cycles on them. Price = FREE Both are 225/45/17...
  6. colin_koehler

    [Sold] Free suits (GONE)

  7. colin_koehler

    Conference Touring 4 (CT4) - T4/Pro3/Pro44/ITS/ITA

    The Conference 2019 competition rules are not yet published but the CT4 class reads: A. Purpose - The CT4 class is intended to provide competition for commonly available, recently produced cars in a near street legal form and allow cars prepped to popular classes within Conference that run...
  8. colin_koehler

    Conference Touring 4 (CT4) - T4/Pro3/Pro44/ITS/ITA

    The SCCA class, Touring 4, is showing positive growth and has a very attractive rule-set for new additions to racing. The cars are modern, the prep limited and the operating costs low; which is all part of the attractiveness. We thought about adding T4 to Group 5 to attract these SCCA folks...
  9. colin_koehler

    [For Sale] ITA CRX - 2017 ITA championship car.

    SOLD Built to SCCA ITA specifications, competes in ITA, ITX, HT and ME3. Currently holds the ITA race track record at Pacific Raceways (1:39.7) set last year in July. BODY: Advantage Fleet White single stage paint...
  10. colin_koehler

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

    I'm wondering if anyone feels like safety and/or driver skill has taken back seat lately? Is Battle Royale a new feature at Conference events? Group 5 and 2 are budget/entry level run groups but they now feel more like groups for people with disposable cars. It seems like a culture of...
  11. colin_koehler

    Info on Spokane Race weekend?

    Maybe I missed all the goodness since I don't have the book of faces but I'm looking for info on Spokane. What improvements have taken place? What is this 'short track' race mentioned on the schedule? There's a short track? Thanks.
  12. colin_koehler

    IRDC HPDE May 18th - please promote

    Hola everyone, IRDC has a (4) session HPDE on Friday May 18th with the TnT. $180 entry. It's not listed on the main page on MSR so it needs some help being promoted. If you have the book of faces or are a member of a car forum - please promote. Registration is bundled in with the...
  13. colin_koehler

    Y'all should be going to Spokane

    Just sayin' Spokane is a moral imperative! Great track, great club, great food and a triple race weekend. The weather is supposed to be downright perfect - mid 70's to mid 80's. It's not too late to register. See you at the track.
  14. colin_koehler

    The Milltek Sport Grand Prix - Pacific Raceways

    Announcing the Milltek Sport Grand Prix. Sponsored by Milltek Sport with a special thanks to ProFormance, Cantrell Motorsports and Griffin Moterwerke Friday: Test and Tune Saturday: non-points race (NP race times also count as qualifying time) Sunday: Points race Saturday will be a bit...
  15. colin_koehler

    IRDC May 19-21: Tribute to the Volunteers Link and Schedule

    Helping to spread the word. Announcement and Schedule Registration for race and TnT: Please enter...
  16. colin_koehler

    Recommend Motorhome service in the south end?

    I will be picking up a class C soon and I'd like to get some of the basic tune-up items as well some some bilstein shocks and an alignment. Does anyone have recommendations for shops in the Tacoma/Puyallup/Spanaway area for this type of work? Thanks in advance.
  17. colin_koehler

    IRDC Olympic Grand Prix - Volunteer Karting Saturday and Advanced Lapping Friday!

    The 2nd Annual Olympic Grand Prix will bring a close to the ICSCC sprint race season and we are doing a couple unique things to close the year. FIRST: Saturday night will be the Volunteer Appreciation Karting Enduro! 1 hour kart race with...
  18. colin_koehler

    July 23rd and 24th, the IRDC presents a Tribute to the Volunteers

    UPDATE 7/13: For racers who pay by Cash or Check, you will be entered into a drawing to have your entry fee refunded. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've wanted to do something for the volunteers for...
  19. colin_koehler

    Spec Miatas need to be back in ITA

    This is way overdue in my opinion. ITA/G5 is a perfect 2nd run group/class for the spec miata and ITA benefits because a populated class attracts new customers to that class and frankly ITA and Group 5 needs growth. A SM won the 2010 ITA championship and I think the other ITA folks would will...