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    [Sold] Enkei RPF-1's--SOLD

    Are these still for sale?
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    FS: 1992 Spec Miata. Pro Motor, Data $10K

    Moving on to other race car projects! The car is fast and reliable, in capable hands its definitely a front runner. Lots of new and fresh parts. Feel Free to shoot me any questions. If I don't answer here, shoot me an email or call! 1992 SPEC MIATA, Pro Motor, Data $10K Drivetrain Pro motor...
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    WTB: Kazera KZM 15x7 30mm offset

    Hello, Need to replace a wheel and these are nla new, anyone have one wheel? Or even a set? 15x7 Kazera KZM 15x7 30mm offset Thanks! Kyle Spec Miata #78 Found One. Thanks Greg!