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    [For Sale] 16' enclosed trailer

    I am selling my 16' enclosed trailer. It has hauled an E-30, a VW, and a 2002. Year old tires. $3,000 503 730 9673.
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    Orp paddock space

    The paddock is filling up rapidly. Get your entry in now and sign up on MotorSport You can pick your own space when you sign up. G
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    Orp paddock space

    It's time for me to start putting the paddock together. Please send me your info on trailer length and who you would like to paddoc with. Be aware that entry to the paddock will be ~5-5:30 on Friday the 24th. We will get you in as soon as possible.
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    HEY Gordon! Save me a spot@ORP.

    Send me your paddock needs for ORP. Thank you. G
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    ORP move in.

    I have been informed that ORP has been rented out for Thursday May 24th. I do not know when we can start move in. Please, if you have not sent me your trailer spec./pit needs do so now. I will have enough to deal with if we have a late move in. Thank you. G
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    ORP Paddock Space

    I need to know what your trailer size is and how many cars are going to be with the trailer. It is time to put the puzzle together. Thanks G
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    Sept. ORP Paddock Space

    Hi boys & Girls. Once again it is time to start putting together the jigsaw puzzle of the ORP paddock space. I need to know your requirements. Please include your rig size. Remember only one support vehicle/ race car. If you plan on sharing with another car that will help. Deadline is...
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    ORP Paddock Space

    As you all know paddock space is limited. There are 46 10'X59' trailer spaces and 98 10'X20' spaces in the paved, fenced in area. There are about 70 10'X26' spaces on the pregrid road. You need to provide your own ground cover for these spaces. There is limited parking for motor homes in...
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    JERICO Transmission

    I am selling my Jerico Trans. SN#9868 W4. Ratios: 2.101;1.576;1.231;1:1 New dogs and sliders. New bearings. $3500. $4000 W/Hurst shifter. (503) 730-9673
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    SCCA H prod. race

    Here is the link to the race as broadcast. G