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  1. schwank

    [For Sale] New OMP Champ-R Seat

    Russ @ Racetech Motorsports in Portland has a brand new OMP Champ-R seat for sale. It was to be used in a customer Miata project but won't fit due to the shoulder wing width so they are going another route and want to move this thing along. It's a MY2014 with FIA sticker valid through 2019...
  2. schwank

    Error in published 2013 rules

    I see the final 2013 rules have been published to the ICSCC website. PRO44 was officially ratified as a permanent class for the 2013 season and we have indeed been included in the official 2013 Competition Regulations with our class rules published as rule 1326. However... the following rule at...
  3. schwank

    FS: NIB Wink 5 panel mirror

    Still in original packaging, has been in my parts bin for a few years because it won't fit in a 944. Will trade for a good six pack... if you are under 21 and building a race car you can have it free with your ID :D
  4. schwank

    1 hour enduro format

    Have to say I am looking forward to the 1 hour race as much as my Group 2 class race this weekend. Had a blast on opening weekend racing against the miatas and Colin in his CRX. The chicane should only make things more competitive this round. I love mixed class and endurance racing and this...
  5. schwank

    944 Cup is now PRO44!

    Our group of regional 944 racers has been around for several years running mainly as ITS in SCCA and Conference events. For the last couple of years we were loosely associated with the 944 Cup series, which is run mainly on the East coast. We have some great racing in G2 & G5 with a variety of...
  6. schwank

    Race 1 Group 2 Final Results

    Does anyone have a copy of the official Group 2 results from Portland? They were provisional when I left and nothing has been posted on the main website or yet. Thanks!
  7. schwank

    PRO3 tire group buy?

    With the recent warmer weather I have finally gotten out to start working on the car for the 2012 season. Last year the PRO3 group ran a pre-season tire group buy through Even better they opened it up to other racers, and I was happy with the pricing and with TreadZone's service...
  8. schwank

    Little surprise in the mail... thanks NWMS!

    I was quite happy yesterday when I arrived home to find an envelope containing a check for $20 'tow money' for the Spokane weekend this summer. Sure it ain't much in the scheme of things but I very much appreciate the effort to give back a tiny little bit to keep costs down as much as possible...
  9. schwank

    Friday ORP T&T start time? Paddock space?

    I plan to tow out from Portland early Friday morning for the ORP T&T day and the weekend races. Talked to some folks last week at PIR that indicated the first session would be extended T&T due to the ground school that starts at 7AM... however I am unable to locate an on-track time for Friday...
  10. schwank

    Any Portland racers that can cart a crankshaft back to Redmond after this weekend?

    I am trying to help out a fellow 944 racer in need... I have a crankshaft that I need to get to Fordahl Motorsports in Redmond. The car cracked the existing crank and we are trying to get one to them so they can get things back up and running ASAP. Obviously sending a crankshaft via UPS is a...
  11. schwank

    SCCA 944 Cup drivers have Spokane questions

    Hey there folks... I am trying to help some of my 944 compatriots get some answers about the Spokane race. They are all NW SCCA licensed drivers and have not raced Conference events before, but we are trying to get them out. I have raced with all of them in the past and they should have no issue...
  12. schwank

    Worker Meeting time @ ORP?

    Since I am a doofus and broke my fuel supply line on Tuesday, with no chance of getting a spare in time, I am unable to race this weekend. However in lieu of driving my crew chief and I want to come out and work flags/whatever on Saturday. Is the workers meeting still at 8 at ORP? We'll be...
  13. schwank

    How to get rid of a wrecked, non-titled tub?

    I have a stripped, caged shell filling up my garage that needs to go... it is the remainder of a wrecked race car. Main problem is that it has no title as it was a racer... which at least you guys can understand. But that means none of the craigslist scrappers want it. It only has scrap value...
  14. schwank

    Looking for a decent sub-20K diesel F250, GM2500, or Excursion

    Would prefer under 100K miles but that seems to be about the 20K threshold. Don't really need a dually... currently towing about 4500lbs worth of 944 and open trailer, and plan to max out with maybe a 24' enclosed trailer in the next couple years. My high mileage 97 Suburban threw a trans...