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  1. racerx69

    diesel mechanic

    OK, I'll do that.
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    diesel mechanic

    If it was good, then what is going on? What make are we talking about?
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    diesel mechanic

    I'm not in the south end, I'm in Arlington. But I was a mechanic (diesel, gas, mobile fluid power, etc) for 30 years. What is going on?
  4. racerx69

    "Racy" street tires

    I have been using Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric all season ultra high performance tires on my Legacy wagon for a while now. On my third set. I get about 40,000 miles or so out of them in daily use, and the grip is awesome. Sure, they tend to wear out more quickly than the original Bridgestone...
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    Paraplegic Driving Controls

    I am going to loose the use of my left leg for about 6 months due to surgery on my foot. All of my vehicles have manual gearboxes, and I refuse to go out and buy (or rent) a car with an automatic. I contacted a local company that sells handicap driving controls, but they refuse to sell me the...
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    What Is It?

    I have a question. Since I haven't been able to get out to the track(s) for a while I have been "racing" vicariously through the forum here and pictures that Gary Frechette and others have been putting up here and there. So I was digging through some shots that Gary has up from the Conference...
  7. racerx69

    Passing Of A Legend - Carroll Shelby January 11, 1923 ~ May 10, 2012

    Indeed, a man who left a giant mark on the motoring world. A true hero. In many of these images he has a look of pure joy on his face. Surely a man who found the greatest pleasure while driving and working on cars. My kind of guy.