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  1. Jim Phoenix

    Finalized 2021 Race Schedule

    Just looking at the SOVREN 2021 schedule and I see they are at Spokane June 4 through 6th, same as Conference - is this a combined event? If so, I like it!
  2. Jim Phoenix

    [Sold] Standard Formula Mazda

    Sold and delivered! :)
  3. Jim Phoenix

    Thank you course workers!

    Today at Pacific was a real challenge with rain with its much reduced visibility. In group 6 we have the fast boys blasting down on the FV's and normally we can see them coming, but not in the rain, no way, no how. So, I just wanna say how grateful I am for the wonderful course workers who did...
  4. Jim Phoenix

    IRDC Enduro Tech Inspections this week at The Ridge

    Attention - all drivers attending the test and tune, Driver's school and Enduro at The Ridge this weekend - we will be performing tech inspections beginning Friday night, through Saturday between sessions - and Sunday morning. We expect to do quite a few, so the following tips will help you...
  5. Jim Phoenix

    [WTB] Need Miata seats for my TR6

    Any Miata drivers have a pair of NA seats taking up room? My TR6 restoration needs a decent pair of seats, condition not a concern, I'll be recovering them with TR6 covers. Must be from 90-97, willing to pay up to $300 for a decent set. email me at
  6. Jim Phoenix

    FV Spec tire - again

    There's a message on the board talking about a proposal for a spec FV tire. I suppose ICSCC does not have to follow that specific part of the SCCA FV GCR, but would require a rule change proposal next fall if SCCA adopts a spec tire and we don't want to adopt that rule. If you...
  7. Jim Phoenix

    Novices needing a tech sign-off

    Any novices that need to do their half day of tech, come see me at Pacific, I'll be there Friday morning for T&T, look for the red FV, that's me. You can text or email if you want to let me know you'll be there. Jim Phoenix IRDC Chief Tech 253-720-6233
  8. Jim Phoenix

    [Sold] 1985 Itasca 23'

    The replacement, just drove it 700 miles today from Lancaster, PA to Bloomington, IL. A few more days to get home. Running very well, much like a Vee, gotta keep the momentum up in the hills and corners ;) The DD 6v92 is thirsty, but running very well. A very nice ride! 40' and 42,000 lbs...
  9. Jim Phoenix

    [Sold] 1985 Itasca 23'

    Sold :-) Selling my 23' race RV, $3000 obo. Runs great, no mechanical problems, everything works very well, many recent upgrades including: In 2014; new tires, new house batteries, new engine 1000 cca battery, new starter, new alternator, fuel pump, water pump, belts, hoses, re-cored radiator...
  10. Jim Phoenix

    Pictures from Smokey on The Ridge IRDC race

    I see Doug Berger has posted up some group six photos on his site, I bought one of his photos of my car at Portland leading the group six pack through turn 12, however briefly :tongue: Jim
  11. Jim Phoenix

    Pictures from Smokey on The Ridge IRDC race

    I know we have a photo of 166 with the nose installed! I also saw a photo of Jim's Buick pointing backwards in 12, but also some nice shots of the group six cars going forwards as well. I'll post them up later this evening after Renee sorts through them. Here's Scott in Dave's car