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  1. kyle_nickels

    Helmet painting

    Hi folks long time since I've posted. Have an opportunity for everybody for a few months if you want your helmet painted with any graphic or design you want. My cousin,Frank Walter Bingo is opening his own shop soon and is offering an opportunity for three months to paint your helmet for $150.00...
  2. kyle_nickels

    7.3 Turbo kit/used or new

    Looking for a used ATA or Banks turbo kit for an early 7.3idi Ford. Need ASAP. Referrals appreciated.
  3. kyle_nickels

    Car transport to/from Midwest

    I have a car in Oklahoma I'd like to haul here this year. If anyone knows of someone able I'd appreciate the opportunity to work a deal. Alternately if someone needs a car hauled to Texas, Oklahoma or surrounding area I could haul it and back-haul my car. Kyle
  4. kyle_nickels

    CSCC Doernbechers Dash,, or Not?

    A statement was made during the CSCC Membership Meeting that IF the Club changes the name to and IF the Club does not have Doernbechers as its Charity of choice then participation in the event by ICSCC drivers would be markedly reduced ("they wouldn't come"). I'd love to hear some views on this.
  5. kyle_nickels

    PIR Schedule is out. Enjoy.
  6. kyle_nickels

    Russ Nybergs RaceTech Motorsports burns

    Just got word that a 2 alarm blaze started reportedly from a collocated metal stripping business has burned Russ' shop. Pretty well everything is gone. I hope the best for Russ and a speedy rebuild of his business!!
  7. kyle_nickels

    CSCC Enduro: Anyone?

    Thinking of running Tweety in the CSCC Enduro. Fresh rebuild on engine, new Z-Therapy carbs, new clutch, new brakes, new rear suspension bushings. Car should be fun and reliable. Anyone interested? Anyone? Anyone?
  8. kyle_nickels

    Changes? We don' need no stinking changes!!

    So who is wanting to change what that we can shred in the forum???
  9. kyle_nickels

    Hitachi/SU SSS Carbs

    Looking for a set of Hitachi/SU (SSS) carbs. I will have the ones I have rebuilt at Z-Therapy but want a second set. Kyle
  10. kyle_nickels

    iPhone lap application

    There was something posted a while back for smart phone based lap tracking software. Is this now available for the iPhone?
  11. kyle_nickels

    Let The Games Begin!!

    I love the ICSCC Fall Meetings and Banquet. Seeing all these people who dedicate so much time to making our great system work! Love the camaraderie. Thanks to so many and all that support them!!
  12. kyle_nickels

    Wanted;POS enclosed trailer, for Workers Revenge

    Does anyone have an old enclosed trailer to donate to the Workers Revenge Team? Nothing special, repairs needed, something sitting under a tree moldIng out, even an old camper trailer we can gut out. I can pick it up and store it.
  13. kyle_nickels


    So I must be half blind and totally ignorant but I distinctly remember not seeing the Legends out as we have in the past. Anyone have the rest of the story? Those guys were a great bunch of folks to have out there and real fun to watch them race.
  14. kyle_nickels

    Production Car rule change

    Who ever submitted the rule change for production cars to be able to run headers please explain the reasoning behind it.
  15. kyle_nickels

    Cascades 8 hour Enduro seat

    Anyone looking for another driver?
  16. kyle_nickels

    Need engine hauled from Lake Union to PDX

    Looking for someone to bring down a Datsun L16 from the Lake Union area to Portland next weekend.
  17. kyle_nickels

    FF, FC, FV for rent at PIR

    I would be interested in talking to someone about renting at the Chicane Challenge as my car may not be running yet. Anyone???? Anyone???
  18. kyle_nickels

    16 to 17.999 year olds

    I have read many things pro and con about allowing ICSCC to allow drivers aged 16 to 18 years old to compete. I have also read how ICSCC is getting grey haired and looking for new members. So I am going to throw this back out for discussion. We need more volunteers and drivers. Period. Many...
  19. kyle_nickels

    ITX rules

    Where do you go to find them?
  20. kyle_nickels

    Bulk lead for ballast

    Short of melting down oodles of fishing weights or paying stupid prices does anyone know where to buy lead for weight adjustments?