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    The spring meeting has concluded and there will not be any significant changes to the forms but keep in mind that the 2020 forms are what must be used for license submittal. They should be available very shortly.
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    There are a few pending procedural changes that could effect the 2020 forms. These changes will be decided upon this weekend at the “spring” meeting and the new forms should follow shortly afterwards. Stay tuned!
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    End of year points

    The end of year points are now online. Please review!
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    Championship Points - Spokane

    Championship Points have now been updated through Spokane.
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    Championship Points Update

    The Championship points have been updated and can be found here:
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    [For Sale] 2 Time ST Championship Winning C5 Corvette

    Have you seen the fantastic racing we have had in ST the last couple years? Well here's your chance to join the crowd! I have decided to give Spec E46 a try and am looking for a buyer to take my car to a third championship. It is prepped and ready to go for the season (well, you'll have to...
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    Wanted: E30 Guage Cluster

    My brother and I are working on an E30 project and are looking for a working gauge cluster. Do any of you PRO3 guys have anything laying around collecting dust?
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    Is this a PRO3 car?
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    2012 IRDC "Last Lap to the Fall" Video Thread

    Group 4 race from mid pack. I was playing with my lines a little to try to find a shortcut but never found it.
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    ICSCC License - SCCA Event, Advice

    After missing Spokane due to a mechanical issue I'm looking for another way to get the car out. I would like to run the SCCA regional at The Ridge but am a little confused by the licensing rules. Can anyone fill me in on the SCCA process for this? I can't seem to find this info anywhere. Thanks!
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    Season Opener Video Thread

    See below for a link to my Group 4 race video. I had a belt give way in my LR tire at the end of the video (cant believe how violent the car started to shake!) and had to bow out but there is some good racing up to that point. I also had a little bobble in Turn 12 but kept it straight-ish...
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    To Pound or not to Pound??

    Happy New Year Everyone! I'm currently in a dilemma and hoped some of you more experienced bench racers can provide some wisdom. For a little background information, over the last year I have built a car and worked my way through the novice program. Shying away from the advice of many I...
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    Doernbecher Dash Video Thread

    In car video from group 4. This was my first senior race and subsequently my first time out with the GT cars. . . I'm pretty sure they found a shortcut through the infield.
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    IRDC Military Salute In Car Videos

    The videos below are from the Novice group Qualifying and Race sessions for all who are interested. Please escuse the missed shifts. . . I'm a rookie. Qualifying- Race-
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    2 Cobra Sebring S Seats for Sale 600/pc 1100/pr

    I had to pull these out of my Corvette after the cage was installed (I couldnt get out of the window). The craigslist ad below tells the rest of the story. I will be at the Test and Tune on Friday as well as the race on Saturday if you are interested...
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    Getting out of the Car, newbie question

    I'm in the final stages of prepping my car for my first novice race at pacific next weekend and have a question about window size and the guidelines on a drivers ability to get out of a car. I'm currently running cobra Sebring seats (got them with the car) with the head restraint wings in a 99...