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  1. Sgt.Gator

    [For Sale] 2005 Subaru STI

    Price Reduced: $23.5
  2. Sgt.Gator

    [For Sale] 2005 Subaru STI

    Colonel Red Racing 2005 Subaru STI This car has been raced by 3 owners since 2010. It has been extensively modified and has seen it’s share of hard racing, blown engines, rebuilt trans, and other racing events. Contact has been minor. The worst contact damaged the front and rear driver’s side...
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    [Sold] Honda CRX for Sale Ready to Run

    It sold for $8500 on BAT.
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    If it has an SFI 3.3 tag you are good to go.
  5. Sgt.Gator

    2nd entry cost vs entries in general

    Regarding the Enduro License for Lucky Dog racers, I'm all for it. We need more racers in the NWMECS 1 hour Enduros, and Conference will likely see some of them deciding to upgrade to full Conference licenses to go sprint racing once they've experienced our events while waiting for the NWMECS...
  6. Sgt.Gator

    NWMECS Rules Changes

    Where - Who do we suggest and work on changing NWMECS rules? They aren't in the ICSCC Comp rules nor in the NWMECS rules supplement and I don't see a NWMECS officer listed in the Conference Officers list.. Thanks.
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    Is Electricity a Fuel?

    Recently at the Global Time Attack Super Lap at Buttonwillow Raceway Park a Tesla was disqualified because it did not fit the definition of an approved fuel. It was actually disqualified on two separate days which caused some confusion in the media coverage - See below update note. Global Time...
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    [For Sale] Stock 1995 Mazda Miata convertible - $2700 (NW Bend)

    I'm helping a friend sell her all stock Miata. $2,700. Moving sale! I'll miss this little car. I've enjoyed her for 15 years (full maintenance records). Only driven in summer, stored in winter. Brand new top. New...
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    I see in the 2017 rules proposed FBX and SRX classes, but I can't find any description of what those classes are?
  10. Sgt.Gator

    NWMECS: Sports Racers for all Enduros this year?

    Are sports racers allowed in all the enduros this year or was the Rose City Opener a trial? BTW, I'm all for it.
  11. Sgt.Gator

    Mini Enduro ESR-MSR

    I noticed that the Sports Racers can enter in the Spring and Fall enduros as ESR, or only the 2 hour portion of them as MSR. But there is no MSR group in all the other 1 hour enduros. Why? Is there not enough sports racers who want to enduro?
  12. Sgt.Gator

    Window Rule Question?

    At PIR last weekend I noticed the white Porsche cup car, #1, had driver's and passenger side plexiglass windows up, (and actually bolted in from what I saw when he opened his driver's door next to me). I don't think I've ever seen windows up in an ICSCC race, I thought there was a rule against...
  13. Sgt.Gator

    Rules for SPM/

    Can someone point me to the rules for SPM? The best I can find in the 2014 regs are the SPO/SPM/SPU engine displacement sizes and the fact there is no min weight. What are the rest of the rules? Thanks, Gator
  14. Sgt.Gator

    Subaru of Bend Sponsoring my Car!

    Subaru of Bend Sponsoring my Car! The first Subaru factory backed road race car, a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon, is being dusted off and brought back to racing by Subaru of Bend and Colonel Red Racing, LLC. Bend, Ore (July 23, 2014) In 2006 Subaru built their first factory supported road race...
  15. Sgt.Gator

    NASA Announces RR Transition Plans for Remaining Spec Toyo Classes

    Honda Challenge Racers please note!! NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA - The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that beginning February 1st of the 2014 season, the American Iron, Camaro Mustang...
  16. Sgt.Gator

    Blackworks Racing Header for 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra

    Brand new Blackworks Racing Header for 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra. I'm selling because on their website it says it fits all B18 engined cars with no mods, but in reality it only fits the 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra, NOT my 1990 Integra. It's a beautiful piece of work! Brand new in the...