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  1. Ken Killam

    2024 Schedule

    Thanks, Chris That constantly conflicting May date... I won't see IRDC until July.
  2. Ken Killam

    I'm gonna need some rules over here.

    I guess it's not important. Nevermind. I just won't use any.
  3. Ken Killam

    I'm gonna need some rules over here.

    I've been doing other things through the off-season, and looked to see if I had missed anything in the meanest of times. Am I to believe that the rules haven't changed since 2020? Happy New Season... I hope.
  4. Ken Killam

    Happy New Season

    Will the 2018 Regulations be published in .pdf on the site soon?
  5. Ken Killam

    Will Conference Survive?

    I've seen more cars. I've seen less. ICSCC is surviving quite well considering the equivalent competition for venues in the area. The Conference Regulations are a basic and well established consistency that has served as the clubs' foundation for operation for over, what? Five decades...
  6. Ken Killam

    Hot Topic. So, I'll just leave this here. Happy New Season.

    It's that time of year when your race car is ready. Your trailer and tow vehicle are ready. You've replaced any obsolete safety equipment and checked out the equipment that still meets muster. But how about you? Are you checked out? We saw too many cars that did not maintain positive...
  7. Ken Killam

    Food @ The Ridge FYI

    Colin, you should copy/paste that menu/schedule to the IRDC FB page.
  8. Ken Killam

    An SFI bulletin in regards to fake SFI labeled head and neck restraint system Scrutineers be aware.
  9. Ken Killam

    Sea-Tac Marriotte survey, SEZ?

    Did everybody get a survey from the Sea-Tac Marriott in their e-mail? Be honest. In my case, brutally honest.
  10. Ken Killam

    Periodic analysis is a positive step toward improving the product. Are we noticing the affects? How much, beyond the interpretation of flags, do the safety aspects of road racing get laced into the curriculum? Or is it only about the 'go faster' aspects of drives'...
  11. Ken Killam

    SCCA's new matterin "Recommended Items for 2015"

    C/P from Aug. 5th BOD minutes For the "GCR 1. #14272 (Richard Patullo) Seat Belt Expiration Change 9.3.19.G.1.: 1. Restraint systems meeting SFI 16.1 or 16.5 shall bear a dated SFI Spec label. The certification indicated by this label shall expire on December 31st of the 2nd 5th year after the...
  12. Ken Killam

    '95 Mustang transmission + for sale/trade

    Or sale or trade. This electronically controlled automatic transmission (4r70W) is out of a 1995 Ford Mustang GT. It was mated to a 5.0 H.O. which now resides in my F150. When I purchased the assembly with the ECU and all related wiring harness, I was told that it had been rebuilt approx. 10K...
  13. Ken Killam


    Because it can never be that simple.
  14. Ken Killam

    All pooped out from the Opener? Not just yet, I hope. I'll be there weather or not. How much fun can it get? BYOS
  15. Ken Killam

    If you are not yet using a HANS device.....

    Ya know? Lookin' at it from the POV of a guy that has considered the possibility of responding to a race car with a corpse in it... I don't care how much money you spend or don't spend. I don't care if a rule impedes your personal freedom to pursue the happiness of this great sport of ours...
  16. Ken Killam

    As you have said it,

    "please help communicate this to the ROD community. Dear ICSCC workers Team Continental hopes that your Racing off season was full of great memories away from racing. We at TC have been busy working with ORP for our upcoming season events and are excited for 2014. As always TC appreciates...
  17. Ken Killam

    Warm off the presses. SCCA re-defines a DNF and finisher

    Score card? What score card, Richard? I just read the books so that I can stay current with the winds of change. Change that is (even in the SCCA) manipulated by the driving participants. That way, I can play the same game on the field regardless of sanction. That's racing. If I was...
  18. Ken Killam

    Warm off the presses. SCCA re-defines a DNF and finisher

    Scoring trumps reality. One of the aspects of the Conference, that I've always enjoyed is that common thread, or mentality among the drivers is that the ultimate goal is to accomplish the feat. Get over the line for the checkered flag. Running. Same game all around. I'd like to think that...
  19. Ken Killam

    Warm off the presses. SCCA re-defines a DNF and finisher

    "Effective Immediately: In section 5.10.4.B.3, change the language as follows: A DNF is defined as a car that did not complete the required number of laps to be a finisher (half the number of laps completed by the overall class leader, rounded down to the nearest whole integer.” Additionally...