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  1. bryan

    Old Racing Photos

    I have some photos from 1964, 1966, and 1979 in Deer Park (NWMS). I just emailed you. --Bryan
  2. bryan

    [SOLD] Sparco Evo black FIA racing seat

    Sparco Evo black racing seat, excellent condition, practically new, selling for Mike Poorboy. Was going to be installed in his Miata, but it was only used for video games. FIA certified. Lightweight fiberglass shell with strong bolsters to keep you glued to the seat in hard cornering. This is a...
  3. bryan

    Pyrotect racing shoes (12.5)

    My friend bought these for the last ChumpCar race (forgot his at home) and wore them for 2 hours. SFI 3.3/5 Nomex/black leather, size 12.5. Paid $80, wants $50. --Bryan (509) 995-1988
  4. bryan

    Spokane weather in the mid-70's!

    Ok, this can't be missed. When I did my first novice race in Spokane, it was 108° on track. It hasn't been below 90° on our July race weekends in at least 5 years (I've never seen it). This weekend, the forecast is sunshine in the mid-70's!!! Friday: 73 Saturday: 77 Sunday: 77...
  5. bryan

    NWMS track day/test and tune

    Northwest Motorsports will be hosting a test and tune/track day at Spokane County Raceway on Thursday, July 14. It is open to all track-ready cars and race cars (separate run groups). This is a great chance to learn the new track layout before your competitors...
  6. bryan

    Wanted: Glove Compartment for '90-93 Miata

    Anyone have a black '90-93 Miata glove box laying around? My wife recently had hers ripped out along with the stereo. Thanks, Bryan (509) 995-1988
  7. bryan

    62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson

    Anyone know about this car? --Bryan
  8. bryan

    Spokane Race Photos (July 2009)

    Rod Jeffers at RB Images finally got past all his computer issues and has posted the Spokane race photos on his site: You can view the photos (800 px wide) for free to see if you like them, and he sells prints, etc. starting at $5 for a 4x6...
  9. bryan

    WTB: OEM seat sliders for '99 Miata

    I'm looking for some factory seat slider rails for a friend's '99 Miata (99-05 probably the same). I only need the driver's side. Anything collecting dust in your garage? Thanks, Bryan
  10. bryan

    Deer Park Newspapers (SCCA/SCCS/NWMS) 1956-1985

    I've recovered every newspaper article I could find regarding the history of Northwest Motorsports. The articles are from the Tri-County Tribune/Deer Park Tribune and range from 1956-1985. From the Tri-County Tribune/Deer Park Union newspaper on May 24, 1956: Sports Car Club of Spokane, Inc...