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    Race car storage options near Seattle?

    I have garage space in Woodinville. There are usually a couple of PRO3 cars in residence in the offseason. Give me a call at two-oh-six seven-one-three three-three-four-five.
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    Race Administration Meeting

    The focus is for race volunteers to get together and discuss things related to their respective roles and specialties - registrars, flagging, race chairs, timing and scoring, stewards, etc, etc. But drivers should feel free to attend as well. Learning more about what it takes to put on a race...
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    Test & Tune May 14th

    Hi Guys & Gals, You'll find the May 14th Test & Tune schedule and notes attached. Executive Summary: Drivers' meting at 8:30 in the grandstands There will be 3 run groups, Closed Wheel - Spec E46 and faster (CW1), Closed Wheel other - generally PRO3-ish (CW2), and Open Wheel (OW) First group...
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    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    I have 100% confidence that it was not directed at you Wes.
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    Rules modification for Corona

    From section 302.G of the Competition Regs: "... Any holder of an IRR license who has not raced for two or more seasons may be required to compete in an Observation race at the discretion of the License Director. Further, any IRR license holder who has not raced for three or more seasons may...
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    The 2020 Season - a few not-so-random thoughts

    All good points Bruce. Let me add a couple of considerations: Physical distancing is harder in a turn station or timing and scoring or a safety truck or in race control than in the paddock or in the cockpit of a race car. But perhaps not impossible. Our volunteers, many of them in the more...
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    [Sold] Ram 3500 dually and Host Camper

    This rig has been a fixture at Conference races for the last 5 years, and now it's time to pass it on to the next racer. I bought both the truck and camper new in late 2010 - its maiden voyage was a trip to the 25 Hour that year. I wanted a rig that would be comfortable for 1 or 2 people for a...
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    [Sold] PRO3 car

    This is a front running car if Mike Olsen or James Colborn or Ryan Hieronymus is driving. All 3 have and all 3 say it's a great car. Comes with: Koni DAs with custom valving by TC Kline Extremely legal engine 4.27 diff with OS Giken LSD AAF rear sway bar Racing Dynamics front sway bar with...
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    For all of you who prefer not to run your race cars (or even weed whackers) on corn juice, the guys now have a free Android app. It's primitive but it lists stations in order of proximity to the phone and integrates with navigation so you can find them. Didn't see anything about...
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    Free Driver name vinyl for the Enduro

    Robert Fleming, occasional PRO3 driver and purveyor of vinyl graphics, has offered free (that's $0.00) driver name vinyl for Enduro teams. In return he asks that you stick a 3" round decal with his business name on your car. Free shipping too. I plan to sign up, although Robert might...
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    Open Wheel Group at The Ridge April 1

    I was talking to Fred Wright yesterday and he mentioned that he has 3 registrations in the OW run group at the 4/1 lapping event. I'm in no way scolding the OW community, but with numbers that low this is likely to be a 1-time thing.
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    New toys that make your racing experience better?

    Camera: I picked up a Contour Roam camcorder a couple of weeks ago. Don't remember the exact price, but it was under $200. It doesn't come with a micro SD card though - that's a separate purchase. I got to use it a little bit at The Ridge last weekend and the quality is fantastic at 1080p...
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    Roll-X 16 gate?

    Anybody know if there's a gate charge to get into the Roll-X race as a spectator at PR this weekend?
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    Ridge Racing School April Dates (Open Wheel Grid!)

    April 1st - April Fools Day High Performance Driving Day with an Open Wheel Grid (no joke) -expecting a Formula Atlantic just for grins! April 6th - Ridge Driving Experience(new students) and 2 High Performance Driving groups April 27th - Ridge Driving Experience with 2 High Performance...
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    Ridge Racing School March 16-17-18

    Be Part of the Fun.....Sign Up Now! This high performance driving event is open to any experienced drivers with several days of solo driving experience. Intermediate drivers, advanced drivers and racers this event is for you - We are talking tons of track time! Our friends Bullet Racing...
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    Pit Crew Challenge

    Does anybody have any details on the "Pit Crew Challenge", on the Enduro schedule from 11:00-11:45 Saturday morning? My pit crew is already challenged by the team's driver lineup. :p
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    Novices, start your smart phones!

    I'm not a big social media kind of guy normally, but I thought it might be useful to set up a Twitter feed for Novices on race days. Things I've thought of that might be useful are where in the paddock I'm set up (where the meetings will be), reminders to get your Novice book signed after the...
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    License Renewal Time

    Just a reminder - your old competition licenses expired yesterday so it's time to renew if you haven't already. Send your application to our License Registrar Karen McCoy, not to me. Her contact info is at the top of the application. See you soon!
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    ARR and IRR?

    Anyone been around long enough to remember how the terms "Area Road Racer" and "International Road Racer" came to be? Going SCCA's Regional and National licenses one better?
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    Novice Q&A

    Us Pro3 guys have a mailing list that's pretty active with (sometimes) useful chatter. One of the guys who is just about done building a Pro3 car and will be a Novice this year asked some questions this morning that got detailed answers that might be useful to other Novices. The questions...