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  1. austinrotaryracer41

    [For Sale] GT1/TA Camaro - $45,900 obo

    Helping sell long time friend and ICSCC racer, Dean Miller's GT1 / TA Camaro. Creative Motorsports Trans-Am / GT1 Camaro. Price: $45,900 obo Built 1996 chassis #TA-96-101 -2002 camaro body - FabCar rear wing. -T&L NASCAR 358 18* SBC. (Refreshed by Loynings during ownership) -Saenz 5 speed (4...
  2. austinrotaryracer41

    [For Sale] EP 2nd Gen. Mazda RX7 - $9,000

    Selling for a friend: Mazda RX7 2nd Gen. $9,000 - EIP / EP ICSCC. 13B Streetport motor just refreshed by Barry Allan of Allan AutoTech. MegaSqurt 3 fuel injection. Very well sorted and fast race car here in the Northwest that has been around a while. It is complete and ready to race today. Two...
  3. austinrotaryracer41

    Sign Up Early! CSCC Chicane Challenge / Gary Bockman Memorial Race

    Attention Drivers and Volunteers! Cascade Sports Car Club and the Northwest Racing community NEEDS your help! PIR is hopeful to have permission for a restricted reopening based on the plan PIR submitted in early May to the City of Portland. We continue to wait for a decision regarding that...
  4. austinrotaryracer41

    Rotary Reunion Race - June 2020!

    Tony, please do! We would love to have you join us for the event. Feel free to put some "For Sale" stickers on that car and come race it. Last year we had more then 50 Rotary and Mazda street car owners come out for the car corral. Perfect opportunity to promote a great starter car for someone...
  5. austinrotaryracer41

    Rotary Reunion Race - June 2020!

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to confirm the second annual Mazda Rotary Reunion Race and Corral which will take place at Portland International Raceway on June 20-21st, 2020! The event will be sanctioned by ICSCC and will take place during Cascade Sports Car Club's "Chicane Challenge" race. Our goal...
  6. austinrotaryracer41

    Motorsports Website Design Services

    Hi everyone, For those of you don't know, when I'm not racing my RX2 or RX7, I run a motorsports media business called Flying Bye Photo. I have been providing photos and onboard video to Conference racers for the past eight years. I have since expanded my services to include social media...
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    The Art of Racing in the Rain

    Hi everyone, I'm sure many of you are aware of Garth Stein's novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, which has now hit theaters nationwide. Bradshaw Motorsports is proud to be sponsored by the story and I'm truly honored to represent and hopefully expose new people to it. To provide a...
  8. austinrotaryracer41

    Mazda Rotary Reunion Race - June 15/16th at the Chicane Challenge

    I’ve recently been organizing a new event. I’m pleased to announce the first annual Mazda Rotary Reunion race during the Cascade Chicane Challenge on June 15-16th at PIR. Open to anyone with a rotary powered closed wheel race car! Featuring a GT class, a production class, and a vintage class...
  9. austinrotaryracer41

    Conference Racing Under 18?

    Curious to know what peoples thoughts are on allowing people to start driving at the age of 16. I just turned 17 last week, and would have loved to have joined Conference racing last year, but due to the age restriction that was not possible. I have talked to numerous people about proposing this...
  10. austinrotaryracer41

    Doernbecher Race Events

    Mark, a race poster that I made for the event to honor Dick. This was not made to be a flyer, but I designed as a poster that I'm printing 50 copies of in 11x17 to hand out. You're welcome to use it though if it helps!
  11. austinrotaryracer41

    VisorLife // HD video from the Drivers Eye

    Have you seen the amazing Mike Skeen footage online where he is piloting his Audi R8, and your watching from his perspective out his eyes? I present you with my new idea, VisorLife. My goal is to record, amazing HD video from the eyes of all of our local Northwest drivers. Amateur GoPro users...
  12. austinrotaryracer41

    [WTB] 1st Gen. Mazda RX7 ITA / PRO7 Roller

    Hi there, I'm Austin and I'm 15 years old. I just turned 15 about 2 weeks ago and got my learners permit. My dad currently races a '79 EP Mazda RX7 (Red #86, with Flares). Next year my goal it to possibly run 1 or 2 SCCA races to just get my feet wet, in racing. I would run ICSCC but the...
  13. austinrotaryracer41

    "Enduring" | 2014 Cascade Festival of Endurance

    Okay, after breaking my main video camera before I even had taken 2 videos, ( Looks like I need a wind tested tripod now :) ) 10 Hours of video editing, over 40 raw clips of video, and having to restart the editing process because Adobe crashed, my latest video is now done. If your looking to...
  14. austinrotaryracer41

    Circuit of the Northwest!!!

    Sorry to be posting again.... But I think some people will want to hear about this, if you haven't already. So there is a proposed new road course going to be formed in Bremerton, Washington called "Circuit of the Northwest" There goal is to create the ultimate race facility in the Northwest...
  15. austinrotaryracer41

    ICSCC Promotion Video

    Hi everybody, I'm planning on putting an ICSCC Promotion video together to go on Youtube, to help promote our club. I will try and focus on videos from almost every event , and throughout the video showcase what are club is really about. I myself have over 4 hours of outside video from...
  16. austinrotaryracer41

    Holiday Gifts

    Hi there, Most of you I think have heard of me but if not I will properly introduce myself. My name is Austin Bradshaw, I'm 14 years old, and live in Portland, OR. I run a business called Flying Bye Photo, where I take motorsports photography and video. My true passion lies with motorsports...
  17. austinrotaryracer41

    Spec E46 Strictly BMW

    Here's my most recent video for anyone interested. It features the Strictly BMW Spec E46 at this years Dash for Kids Race weekend along with the Cascade Festival of Endurance. Enjoy in full HD and headphones recommended. Thanks, -Austin Bradshaw Flying Bye Photo
  18. austinrotaryracer41

    Expect the Unexpected | 2014 Portland Race Cars

    Well, I know most of the cars in this video are from SCCA weekends, but everyone loves to see beautiful cars! I put this together to showcase some very cool cars at some of the events this year. There was no reason for me to make this, I just got creative with it. I will be making my ICSCC...
  19. austinrotaryracer41

    Drivers Spotlight Interview | April 2014

    Hi Everyone, I've started a new thing for 2014! It's called Drivers Spotlight! Featuring all of the racers of ICSCC! Please feel free to check out the other three months so far this year on my website at: But here it is for the month...
  20. austinrotaryracer41

    ICSCC Rose City Opener 2014 | Video | HD

    Hi everyone! I took, and edited this video from the 2014 CSCC Rose City Opener at PIR last weekend!! Feel free to share or upload to your website! Thanks CSCC for putting on a great weekend! Watch in Full HD! -Thanks! Austin Bradshaw Flying Bye Photo