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  1. jeff_remfert

    Conference Rookie gets GT4 ride and needs our support!

    As you may or may not know, Retro Racing likes to bring at least one new racer into Conference each year. This past year, we brought in Jesse Webb, who Raced high performance go karts since 2017 with Italian Motors USA and Catalyst Driver Development, was 2021 Nissan Sentra Cup rookie of the...
  2. jeff_remfert

    New License Tiers (ARR vs. IRR)

    I am guilty of not logging in for over a year now, because being in Canada without a place to race, i cannot race. Logging in just makes it hurt even more... I logged in because I'm having an issue with entering the Enduro Retro is sponsoring again this year (shameless plug) and I came across...
  3. jeff_remfert

    Fall Enduro

    Rant is about to happen.....brace thy self. So, now that everyone has finished their season and had a week to rest, you now all need to make some calls, get teams together and ENTER THE FALL ENDURO!!! Pro-3 drivers, ya you boxycardrivingexhaustsniffers, if you can get 30 odd cars out on the...
  4. jeff_remfert

    [For Sale] set of XXR Wheel Rim 551 17X8.25 5x100/5x114.3 ET22 73.1CB Chromium

    Used for a few hours testing out 818R, complete with slicks (one flat spot needs replaced) the others all have less than 5 heat cycles, 20 minutes per session. slicks are Hoosier S100 235/620/17 Fits Subaru and others $900 USD for the set. Might be able to get down to Portland area end of next...
  5. jeff_remfert

    Retro Cup

    So, for all of you racing a car, any car open or closed wheel, that was built prior to 1985, you are eligible and indeed required (by Karma) to register for the Retro Cup! Top prize is $1000 Cnd!!! Prizes will be awarded for second and third as well so please visit our website...
  6. jeff_remfert

    [For Sale] Retro Racing RX3

    With an new car on the way, time to clear some room and shed some tears. Semi-tube frame 1973 RX3, one of the most successful enduro cars out there with multiple class wins and an overall win at the Portland Enduro. Just back from the 2013 25 hours of Thunderhill, we just pulled her out for a...
  7. jeff_remfert

    [For Sale] Retro Racing ITA car

    This is the blue and white ITA RX7 that ran in 2012, coming second in the championship. This car is fully sorted and fast, comes with 3 sets of rims with usable Hoosier DOT's on two sets, and one set of full tread RA1's for rains. Paint is only one race season old, MSD ignition, legal belts and...
  8. jeff_remfert

    thunderhill lower pit space

    Anyone remember how deep the pit space is at track level and how high the concrete is? Trying to finish our design for the 25 hour. Jeff retroracingteam
  9. jeff_remfert


    Hear is the question: Is it customary for a driver that contacts another, to seek out the contacted driver and apologize/reason with or explain the contact? This is why I ask. (three different team drivers BTW) The Ridge, last year, rear ended, bent exhaust, no visit. (Driver could not be...
  10. jeff_remfert

    Helping a friend

    I decided that I should move this post from the Karting post to here, as it has become more than what was intended at the time. Thank you all again for your kind words and donations, racers never cease to amaze me! All the boys and girls at Retro Racing are very sad that we can't make it this...
  11. jeff_remfert

    12 hour enduro

    OK, so now you all know what you have left. Now, get some people together and enter the 12 hour!!! Only 14 so far, let's try for at least 25 shall we? You pro 3 guys, ya, you....I'm talking to you! Bring the funky german stuff out and have some real fun. Hey, you with the M3. Come on, I know...
  12. jeff_remfert

    1st annual monkey challenge

    I know you have all been waiting for this, I know that I have! With all of this discussion about winning prize money, we thought that since there was nothing to win (ya, the trophies and plates are nice), there might as well be something to pride and about 5 lbs in sweat! So...
  13. jeff_remfert

    ORP Video

    Here is some incar from the RX7 and the RX3 (no incident included). Terry in the RX7 Jeff in the RX3 Enjoy. Jeff
  14. jeff_remfert

    Tire guy at ORP

    I know that Warren won't be down, but will the Hoosier guys be there? We have a tire change and a required repair. For some reason, slicks don't like leaving the car and ending up 50 yards in the bush. What ever happeded to quality......