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  1. mikeblaszczak

    Dorenbecher Helmets?

    Hey ya'lls! I have a few out-of-date helmets. We used to give these to the Dorenbecher Dash. Do they still accept them? Do I have to wait until the next dash? Anywhere else?
  2. mikeblaszczak

    Motul RBF600, RedLine Oil for sale

    I've got some partial cases of fluids left over from racing. I don't want to ship these, but we could probably meet someplace around the Puget Sound and make an exchange. 9 quarts Red Line 40WT Race Oil. This synthetic oil is 15W40 equivalent. $75 for the partial case of nine bottles. 5 pints...
  3. mikeblaszczak

    Ride for the Enduro?

    Anyone have a seat available for the Ridge Enduro? I'm looking!
  4. mikeblaszczak

    Conference History Site

    I've recently found myself with some spare time, so I've been working on the Unofficial Conference History site a bit. With some new tools, it's easier to make progress scanning documents and getting them converted to PDF files for presentation on the Internet. You'll find newly added Memos from...
  5. mikeblaszczak

    Selling my car: 1992 BMW 325is race car and trailer, spares

    I'm selling my 1992 BMW 325is race car and its Sloane KwikLoad Trailer. I'm retiring from my racing hobby and selling the car and the trailer as a uint, including all of my spares. The car, spares, and trailer are all offered in as-is condition. This is a very exciting package for the club racer...
  6. mikeblaszczak

    Track out at PIR

    At track out in G4 qualifying at PIR this past weekend, I left the grid at the start of the session as the third or fourth car out. We were stacked up abruptly after being motioned out by the grid workers. At the end of the drag chute, we were motioned to slow down even though we were only doing...
  7. mikeblaszczak

    Schedule for The Ridge?

    What's the schedule for the lapping days this weekend at The Ridge? I'm thinking about signing up, but I can't find anything that tells me when I should get there, when gates open, length and frequency of sessions or what the intra-day schedule will be. It doesn't seem like it's a...
  8. mikeblaszczak

    Portland gates?

    When are the gates at Portland opened? This is the only track that restricts Friday access, but no information in the race announcement describes the procedure.
  9. mikeblaszczak

    A Guide to Understanding Mike B

    If you're behind me or in front of me, here's how to figure out what I'm telling you. I'm not saying I'll do these every time, and I'm not saying everybody has to do the same thing. But this is how you figure out what I want you to know, from me to you. With a little formatting, you can print...
  10. mikeblaszczak

    Test and Tune

    Is there a test and tune in Seattle before the first race of the year?
  11. mikeblaszczak

    Enduro Seat?

    Help! I'd like to have a seat in the enduro. Anyone got room to spare? I'm really funny, a joy to be around, and you'll get your car back for sure. I'm big boned, so my ideal ride has a larger drivin' seat in it. Contact mike at if you know of any openeings!
  12. mikeblaszczak

    new rules for helmets and HANS?

    I've been trying to figure out if the rules for helmets and HANS devices have changed. It looks like both rules were voted down -- SA2000 helmets are still legal, and HANS devices are not required. Is this still true, or did one of the boards overrule the vote and change the rules?
  13. mikeblaszczak

    Action Required! Conference Banquet

    Now that all the RSVPs are in and it is too late to cancel, I wanted to announce that I'll be emceeing the banquet this year. Kevin Skinner has done an awesome job as Conference President. Kevin's decision making in matters such as these demonstrates his courage and fortitude. I think it's...
  14. mikeblaszczak

    Group 1 race at Seattle

    Why would anyone get out of their race car in an impact zone, on a hot track?
  15. mikeblaszczak

    Sport Touring rules?

    Where can I find the rules for the Sport Touring class? The 2010 regs don't mention it, except to say that it's a provisional class.
  16. mikeblaszczak

    German Car Challenge race rules?

    I see there's another special race group for the Seattle race at the end of July. Are the rules for this race available? There's nothing in the supplemental regulations or the race announcement.
  17. mikeblaszczak

    Spokane Challenge Race rules?

    Where can I find rules for these events? I don't see anything in the supplemental regulations.
  18. mikeblaszczak

  19. mikeblaszczak

    Multnomah County missing boy

    Be alert.
  20. mikeblaszczak

    Access to PIR this weekend?

    When do the gates open at PIR on Friday night? I don't see this information in the race announcement or the supplemental regulations.