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  1. the_photog

    12 Hours enduro images

    12 Hour enduro images Just finished putting up images. They can be found at> 2009-Events> 2009 12 Hours of the Cascades Here's a few teasers... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Can you guess the team that this belongs to?
  2. the_photog

    Pictures from Chicane Challenge PIR June 6th - 7th

    I've added a post in the commercial section for pictures from the chicane challenge, I thought I would post it here as well. Go to: > 2009 ICSCC Racing Season > Chicane Challenge PIR June 6th - 7th
  3. the_photog

    Chicane Challenge PIR June 6th - 7th

    Chicane Challenge PIR June 6th - 7th Pictures Hi Everyone, As I write this images are getting uploaded to the site. To check them out and make a purchase please visit: > 2009 ICSCC Racing Season > Chicane Challenge PIR June 6th - 7th Here are few samples... 1. 2...
  4. the_photog

    new open wheel race car
  5. the_photog

    Looking for Dean Conti...

    Can someone help me get in touch with Dean Conti? I have questions for him about...I can't spill the beans!
  6. the_photog

    Military Salute Grand Prix at Pacific Raceways May 2nd & 3rd

    Just to let you all know I've posted a number of images on my site and still have more to post process and ad to the gallery. I still need to post the novice race images and will try and get to these tonight. To see the images go to: > 2009 racing season > Military...
  7. the_photog

    Rose City Opener pictures April 25th & 26th

    All I've started posting images to a gallery. Please click on the link in the post to see the images. I still have many more to post process please be patient as I continue to add images to the gallery. Go to: > 2009 racing season > Rose City Opener CSCC April 25th &...
  8. the_photog

    does anyone know about this track?

    I just happen to run across this looking for some other information and thought I would post for others to see. from their FAQs... Q. Is Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park Open? A. No, not yet. PNMP has all land zoning permits and is currently...
  9. the_photog

    6 Hours of Pacific Raceways, images have been posted...

    Hi All, I've finally added images from the enduro to my site. They can be viewed and purchased directly from the site. You purchase and download digital files and order prints as well. You can see all the action by going to > 2009 racing season > 2009 6hrs of Pacific...
  10. the_photog

    The 6 Heuers of Kartrrera PanOlympia

    I would just like to say real quickly. What an absolutely awesome event today, I really hope this becomes a tradition for some off season racing. If I didn’t say it already or clearly, dang cold. I know that I should’ve… Thanks to Apex Karting & staff very nicely done! Thanks to Rod and...