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  1. tom_olsson

    [Sold] 18' Featherlite open trailer

    18' all-aluminum Featherlite Model 3110 open trailer. Absolutely the nicest open trailer you'll ever use! Very light - towed easily behind my X5. - electric brakes, lots of lighting, everything works. - removable fenders so you can open the door with the car on the trailer. - aluminum tire...
  2. tom_olsson

    speed difference between a Club racer & F1

    Want to see how much faster an F1 car is through Eau Rogue than a "normal" race car? Just ran into this on the inter webs -
  3. tom_olsson

    Spokane race track inspection

    We inspected Spokane Raceway Sunday morning, 7/10, and found the plan in place for the track is acceptable. There is still work to be done for the track to be ready to race, but Northwest Motorsports is down to a punch list that appears to be do-able by Wednesday night. NWMS is confident they...
  4. tom_olsson

    Congrats to Ryan Heironymus

    Congrats to Ryan Heironymus on an absolutely fantastic drive on Sunday in the Group 1 race. Ryan upgraded this weekend from Novice to Area. He won Pro-3 in his upgrade race! How cool is that?
  5. tom_olsson

    Formula 1 coming back to the US

    In Austin, TX of all places!
  6. tom_olsson

    FS - '96 3/4T Diesel Suburban

    I've got a new tow rig on the way, so I need to find a new home for my old one. If you need a good truck for cheap, this is it! It's a 1996 3/4T GMC Suburban with a 6.5L Diesel in it. This truck has been in Conference pretty much it's all life - Scott Adare owned it before me. - 211,000...
  7. tom_olsson

    check your HANS posts

    Just got alerted to this via email by a friend. Head's up, there's apparently counterfeit HANS posts out there, and you may need to check yours.
  8. tom_olsson

    FS - 225/50R14 RA1's

    I have a set of 4 orphaned 225 50R14 RA1's that need a good home. We changed to the R888 in Pro-3 this year, so I can't use them. These were used for 2 races only last year, so they've got lots of life left in them. edit - *sold*
  9. tom_olsson

    215/45ZR17 R888's

    No affiliation, just looks like a good deal for a racer on a budget if you can use the size.