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  1. Trevor Cobb

    corner balance for Formula SAE

    Hey guys, The Formula SAE team at the UW is going well. Unveiled the car last night and the 2009 car drove for the first time last weekend. PACCAR has been helpful in lending us use of their test track as well. That said, the team is setting up the car. I've done some reading on this over...
  2. Trevor Cobb

    WTB: Tire Pyrometer

    I'd like to get a tire pyrometer. Before I head to longacre racing, I thought I'd post here. I'm looking for a simple one. Needle type. Make me an offer. This is the one I'd get at longacre: I'm in Mill Creek / Everett. I'd...
  3. Trevor Cobb

    19-22 March

    I'm heading down to Infineon and Thill on the 18th for four days of track time. I know a bunch of you are headed that way too. I'm planning on "roughing it" at or near the track. Have any of you done this at Infineon or Thill in the past? Where? My basic timeline now is to leave Mill...
  4. Trevor Cobb

    Trailer Rental

    Hey everyone, Just a question about how/where to go about renting a trailer. I'm taking my first trip to the Nor Cal tracks from 19 to 22 March. I could drive my Track car down (Lotus Exige - 2000lbs wet) but given it is 4 days back-to-back, I'd like to trailer it. Does anyone know where I...
  5. Trevor Cobb

    Formula SAE

    Hey everyone, I've decided to try to help out the Univeristy of Washington, given the recent budget cuts and the fact that I am an MBA in the business school there. Anyway, they have a team that builds a race car from scratch and then enter's it in a series of competitions. I thought that...