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  1. mike_poorboy

    Ralt RT4 Formula Atlantic

    This is the same owner as the March ... This one is complete but has a blown motor. It was parked after it blew and never rebuilt. I should have photos of this car as soon as they pull it out of the shop.. The guy has a Chevron B29 also but doesn't want to part with it :(
  2. mike_poorboy

    78' March FA Serial number 1

    Hey Open wheelers. This is a early heads up on some race cars that are coming out of mothballs from a shop in the Midwest. Some of the S2000's and FC's haven't been raced currently or at least in the past 10 years :) This is reported to be a former Pro FA car and has data to back it up. It has...
  3. mike_poorboy

    Need a list of all car classes for Spokane lap records

    Hey All, We are trying to establish a current track records list for Spokane County Raceway, since only the cars that run are on results list it would be nice to have a list of all the recognized classes in ICSCC to make a current records spreadsheet with . Does anyone have one they can...
  4. mike_poorboy

    Spokane Pro 3 Special Race standing start ?

    Okay, I am the designated sacrificial anode on this rumor :eek: With the widing of the the drag strip, and now new concrete surface, the word is a standing start would be awesome for the spectators at the Spokane Grand Prix for the Pro 3 race. There is plenty of room to due a staggered grid for...