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    Race refund

    It's really classy of IRDC to refund $25 to each of the racers this weekend. I, for one, would think that it would be equally classy if we donated it back, to The Workers, when we pay for our next IRDC race. Just saying' it would be a nice thing to do.
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    A big thank you!

    I'd like to give a big shout out to all of the E-crew, corner workers, Stewards and everyone else who helped me out after my close encounter with the turn 12 tire barrier. Your professionalism and courtesy were 1st rate. Kudos for the awesome work that you do. To the rest of Group 4 - sorry...
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    An exciting off!

    Here's a clip of GaryP.'s exciting off just after turn 6 on Sunday in the Group 4 race. ps He asked me to post this.
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    Smokey on The Ridge - Enduro

    Here's the entertaining first 1/2 of the Enduro from The Ridge this weekend.
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    2014 Schedule

    While I realize that it is very early and nothing is finalized, is there any way that one of the "in the know" folks could give me a heads up on what the tentative 2014 schedule will look like. I've got a bunch of travelling to be planned and would like to be able to work around the race...
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    Tech Guru?

    Could someone tell me who I would talk to about classifying a car?
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    Military Salute Grand Prix

    Any idea on when registration will be available on MotorsportReg?
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    New Spokane start/finish line

    Does anyone have the coordinates of the new start/finish line for Spokane?
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    Good reason to drive with your visor down
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    Aim map of The Ridge

    Does anyone have a map file from their Aim Pista that they wouldn't mind sharing?
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    ORP - Counterclockwise ?!?

    A little birdie told me today that there are plans to run ORP in reverse direction. Tell me it isn't so . . . please. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this track but I'll be taking a pass at ORP counterclockwise. IMHO there are several corners that are just too dangerous. A track day is one...
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    Possible ST car?

    Posting for a buddy of mine. Not ST eligible as it stands but with a M52 engine and cams it would be right about 10/1 power/weight. BTW cage built by Lowe Group Racing. First class!
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    Mission Race

    Congrats to SCCBC for putting on a great weekend. They kept amazingly well to a very tight schedule. Good people, great times. My camera didn't work, so please post your videos so that I can enjoy it again :wink:
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    Blind Apex Timer

    Anyone using one? If so, what do you think of it?
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    Through one thing and another, my fault entirely, I just got my 2010 Conference trophy. A lowly 4th place in SPM . . . but WOW what a classy piece of gear it is. Just had to say thanks to any and all that were involved in the organizing. It now has a proud place on my mantle and in my...
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    So . . . what happened at the banquet?

    I wasn't able to make it - fill me in on the happenings. Did .B ekiM play nice?
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    For Sale - Whitey

    Fully sorted 1992 BMW 325is - $13,500.00. Open to offers but please don't low ball me. If I can't find the right buyer I'll either part it out or keep him to play with at Mission. Current SCCA & ICSCC logbooks SCCA approved roll cage...
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    Data from an Aim Pista

    Has anyone driving an E36 or Pro3 got data from Pacific Raceways that they would be willing to share. I just got a system installed before the weekend and would appreciate being able to compare data in order to improve myself.
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    Ballast Question

    SCCA rules for IT say: Driver/Passenger Compartment - Trunk l. Ballast may be used . . . 1. It shall be in segments no heavier than fifty (50) pounds, and shall be capable of being removed to be weighed apart from the car. 2. Each segment shall be fastened with a minimum of two (2)...
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    Annual Tech Inspection

    Can someone tell me the procedure with ICSCC for getting an Annual Tech Inspection? Mine's good until late June so there is no panic, just wondering how/who/when it is arranged.