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  1. J

    Looking for 275/35 or 285/30/18 Take offs

    Looking for some takes offs for practice, let me know what you got. I'm coming to the IRDC banquet in two weeks so I can pick up a set over there.
  2. J

    Ridge Enduro rules published yet?

    Planning to run my M5 and I'm looking at tires, specifically used take-offs from Grand-AM for the Enduro. Would save us a lot of money for this non-points event and would save me a set or 2 of Hoosiers. Just curious if anyone has any insight yet.
  3. J

    Does the "free upgrade" race always apply?

    In the past races I have seen Novice's get a free upgrade race after completing their 3 Novice races (and approval). Does this always apply or is it only certain tracks/clubs?
  4. J

    Any Forza 4 Sim Racers on here?

    our BMW club over here is organizing weekly or bi-weekly 3-15 minute online sessions with predetermined cars/tracks. Add me: MadM5 Post up if anyone wants the dates/times.
  5. J

    Test'n'Tune or Track Day before Enduro?

    I don't see it on the schedule but I was thinking about coming down to PIR and helping/watching at the Enduro but was wondering if there might be anything going on the day before?
  6. J

    Quick question about sunroof's

    I'm having a hard time getting clarification on this so I thought I'd ask here. Does the sunroof hole have to be filled with something in order to pass safety?
  7. J

    FS: E36 M3 CarboTech XP10 Brake Pads

    Used for one track day, roughly 4 hours in my 97 M3 (OEM calipers). These are over $200 new but will sell locally for $125.
  8. J

    WTB: E36 Power Steering Pump for my 97 M3

    Anyone got one? Mine blew out yesterday AutoXing. PM me or call me at 509-220-5232. Need one ASAP. Thanks James
  9. J

    Yet another ST Build from Spokane

    Name is James Haile and I've been around the ICSCC for a couple years now thanks to Mr. Scott Norton. Our club on this side of the mountain's has "sponsored" (given him money to come entertain us haha) for the last couple of seasons and it finally wore off on me to the point where I decided to...