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  1. thomas_liesner

    IRDC Enduro

    Hey everyone. For those that aren't aware, IRDC is holding their 6 hours of the Ridge on April 17th. Unfortunately that seems to be a very popular date. There is also a race at Mission and a race at Portland the same weekend. Throw in Indycar at Long Beach and a wedding for 2 of the Portland...
  2. thomas_liesner

    Working the Enduro

    I know its a little late, but I haven't had a lot of feedback on my usual channels for workers for the upcoming Enduro at the Ridge April 6. If you don't have plans for Sunday come on out to the Ridge for 6hrs of racing. Morning meeting at 730 AM at Turn 16.Racing from 900 to 300. Box lunches...
  3. thomas_liesner

    Looking for some help

    I have recently had the misfortune to purchase a new computer tower. My old one was about to crash so I picked one up and salvaged most of my old hard drive and got the important stuff over to the new one. Several years ago I was given a download copy of MS Office Professional 2010. Of course I...
  4. thomas_liesner


    After working turn 12 last weekend in Portland I felt compeled to post. There was a lot of good close racing, but there was one that stood out from the rest. In a group of thundering GT 1 cars, roaring SP cars, and swarming Pro3 cars, there was one that was a class unto himself. A man among...
  5. thomas_liesner

    Runoffson Demand

    Well the last points race is over with. For those of you that havent had your fill of racing yet, they are starting to upload the 2010 SCCA Runoffs. Some of our ICSCC drivers were there competing, including Mark Keller, Larry Banghart (sp) and Gordon Jones. Just below the featured video is on...
  6. thomas_liesner

    Rick Broadhead ..... where are you???

    Hey Rick. Havent heard from you in a while. I had heard earlier this year that you were going in for surgery, rumor was triple bypass. Havent seen you post since that time. I would like to hear how you are doing, or if anyone else out there knows anything, let me know.
  7. thomas_liesner

    Pro 3 Guys.....

    I just wanted to thank all the PRO 3 Guys for all their hard work on Saturday's Dinner. You Guys are amazing. The food was fabulous, there was lots of it and the fact that the workers got served dinner was much appreciated after a long day on the Turns. Thanks Guys. Although next time I think...
  8. thomas_liesner

    Worker team needs help

    There have been some last minute cancellations in the Worker Team Roster. I have an email out to possibly get a couple of bodies, but I am still looking for some help. Anyone out there want to drive in the enduro please email me. thanks, Thomas