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  1. Ben Weaver

    [WTB] Miata Spares

    Not conference related, but I have been preparing a 90 miata for rallycross/gambler500, and am hoping to acquire a couple of spare parts. Any miata racers out there have a spare 1.6 manual driveshaft, and an axle or two 90-93 non abs or something that would work? Doesn't need to be pretty. New...
  2. Ben Weaver

    [For Sale] Miata 99-05 Green Performance Airfilter

    Mis-order for my 94, fits later 99-05 Cars, SM Legal (sold by mazdaspeed)... $20, anybody need it? Also will take a 12 pack of ipa as alternate payment.
  3. Ben Weaver

    [For Sale] D-Production Volvo 850

    This car was prepped for and owned by the owner of R-Sport International 1994 Volvo 850 GLT Prepped for ICSCC D-Production Suspension fully upgraded Recently rebuilt (only a few street miles) engine with no races on it (can provide details) Upgraded oiling system to avoid having to replace...
  4. Ben Weaver

    1994 Spec Miata

    Moderator, could you please delete this thread? Thank You!
  5. Ben Weaver

    Aluminum Shelves

    I have 3 aluminum shelves that I pulled out of a restaurant that I think would work pretty well in an enclosed trailer. 3 total, 2 are 36" x 12" deep, 1 is 60" x 12" deep. I was going to use these for a trailer, but think I'll be buying an open trailer instead and won't have a use for these. $50...
  6. Ben Weaver

    Race Suit Alterations in PDX

    Anybody have a recommendation for getting a repair done on a race suit? Renter destroyed the zipper on mine last week and I'm hoping to take it to somewhere to put a new one in... I understand need NOMEX thread which I have found available online... Portland area recommendations? Thanks! Ben
  7. Ben Weaver

    WTB: Spec Miata Tires

    I'm piecing together an old SM, and to get started I'm hoping to get some fresher tires for it... Anybody have some take offs from this season they would like to part w/ for cheap in the Portland area? Cheers!
  8. Ben Weaver

    WTB: R888 225/50-15 Take Off

    Due to an alignment issue I toasted one of my tires at ORP... Anybody in the Portland area have a useable 225/50-15 R888 I can buy to use up the rest of my set? Thanks! Ben