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    [For Sale] Cool suit- in car cooling system

    Taken out of wrecked car. Functions perfectly. Complete with cooler, mounting base, insulated lines. Contact Duncan Pearce at 604 761-2277 or for details
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    [For Sale] E30 BMW dashboard

    Spare left over and ready for your build. Contact Duncan Pearce at 604 761-2277 or
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    [For Sale] 4.45 diff for BMW E30 or Pro3 race car for sale

    Excellent condition. In box waiting for you. Contact Duncan Pearce at 604 761-2277 or
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    [For Sale] Arai GP-5W helmet ( white) , Large (59cm) for sale

    Used 4 times, always with balaclava hood, excellent condition, some minor scuffing on surface of helmet from rubbing cage when getting in and out of car, but never dropped or hit. SA 2015 ( good until 2026 I think). New $987 plus tax. $600 obo. Contact Duncan Pearce at 604 761-2277 or email...
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    [For Sale] Set of Panasport 14 X 7" wheels for sale

    Fit E30 BMW center bore. 4x100 bolt pattern, weigh roughly 13lbs each. $800 CDN or USD equivalent. These wheels are black Contact Duncan Pearce at 604 761-2277 or
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    [For Sale] Pro 3 car - Well sorted, well equipped car

    Fully Prepared Pro 3 spec Race Car #217 based on 1987 BMW 325i Seat: Sparco Multi pane rear view mirror Suspension: Ground Control Double adjustable shocks ( damping/ compression) Ground Control front camber plates Ground Control rear shock mounts Eibach ERS race springs 650 front, 800 rear...
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    instruction on PIR and PR- suggestions?

    I am new to the Pro 3 class. I hold a senior license with CACC, but am not familiar with either PIR or PR where I intend to race this year. I don't feel comfortable racing on these courses without having spent a fair bit of time learning the tracks first. Can anyone recommend a good way to...
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    Tire supplier for Pro 3 class in washington?

    I have recently purchased a Pro 3 car and want to upgrade the tires on the car. It seems that suppliers here in BC only carry the Toyo 008. I understand that the A01 is a better tire. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a supplier in WA? Does the class get together and make a bulk...
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    Wanted: Pro 3 car

    I am wanting to purchase a well prepared Pro 3 car at a high level of preparedness. I don't mind doing some general maintenace and replacement, but I am not looking for a big project. I would like to buy a car I can go racing with right away, as I am keen to join what looks like a very fun...