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    Finalized 2021 Race Schedule

    So how does this effect the schedule.
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    NWFC 2017 Season

    Coming Soon!
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    2016 NWFC Schedule

    2016 NWFC Schedule is up and glad to be making our annual trip to Spokane and back to Pacific. June 17-19 3 races Spokane County Raceway July 23-25 2 races Pacific Raceway Aug 6-7 3 races Mission Aug 27-28 2 races Castrol Bonus races available all weekends except Pacific.
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    Spokane Videos

    Post them up!
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    Ridge Question

    Saw some pictures of paving going on at the Ridge on another site (Attached) are they still missing a top coat to bring the pavement up to the curb (Original poster said no)
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    Open wheel ORP question

    We add ORP to the NWFC schedule and now we get stuck with Group 6! Just kidding I have no problem with it but I will ask around with the other guys who might be attending.
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    Spokane Video Thread

    I guess i will start
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    Castrol Raceway Track Complete.

    Well atleast the layout is complete still need some curbs some grass and the turn one wall moved but its driveable now. hope to see some of you come visit.
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    FS: 1986 Reynard FC/F2000

    For Sale: 1986 Reynard F2000 SF86-280 Good Van Diemen Rear Wing Stock Van Diemen Diffuser (modified) Spares / Parts - 3 Sets of wheels - First Set 1 Race weekend tires (9" Rears) - Second Set 3 Race weekend tires (8" Rears) - 3rd Set Rains (Fronts almost done rears are alright) -...