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    [For Sale] Car dolly - Miata Cage

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    Going, Going, Gone...
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    SM brake pads - Hawk Blue

    sold - sold sold
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    Toyo R888 205/50/15 set

    SOLD__________ -------------SOLD ------------- -------------SOLD ------------- -------------SOLD ------------- Set of 4 They were shaved to 4/32 Have about 3 weekends on them, a third to half of those days in wet conditions. Run on a Spec Miata Lots of mileage left...
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    Arrive n drive rentals?

    Hi all, new to the game here, and looking for rental opportunities. In particular, I'm hoping to find a car for the SCCA class in March as there's a snowballs chance of my own coming together in time. Please email with particulars, I'll be glad to correspond. MarkLenney2010 at frontier dot com