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  1. smsazzy

    [Sold] Racing Sim Setup - $1500 OBO

    SOLD!!!!!!! Everything except the computer. It looks just like the one pictured, except the seat is a different model. Full chassis with triple monitor mounting frames. Thrustmaster wheel, pedals and gear shifter. Here is the list of what I bought a couple years ago. It is all used, but...
  2. smsazzy

    [Sold] 2011 Pace 20 Foot Car Hauler Trailer

    20 foot black Pace trailer. Extra height option. Extra wide door. Fully finished walls and ceiling. 2 roof vents. Load leveler and sway control bar included. Rubber coin floor. Lot's of e-track on the walls. 10k tie downs in the floor. N2 bottle holder. Door caddy. Spare tire mounted inside. 12v...
  3. smsazzy

    FV Wheels For Sale

    I have 3 sets of clean and straight VW rims for sale. 1 set is the original light weight ones. I also have a set of junkyard quality that I have not cleaned or straightened or anything - those are as is. Rather not ship them due to weight. Could certainly send them back and forth with someone...
  4. smsazzy

    2003 Womer FV For Sale

    2003 Womer was built by Jeremy Greiner at Ski Motorsports and maintained by him. VSR short box with 1:22 third. Penske reds on the front and cockpit adjustable Penske in the rear. Very light car with a steal floor pan. Probably makes weight with 200-210+ pound driver. Carbon Fiber nose, carbon...
  5. smsazzy

    Hoosier FV Tires - Sticker Slicks

    R55 compound, standard fronts, standard rears. These were purchased late last year. I planned to run them this year but sold my car. Unmounted, brand new. Stored over the winter in my coat closet in black plastic trash bags. How about $650 per set? I have two sets. If you want both, we can...
  6. smsazzy

    Where can I find IRDC track scores for PIR?

    Not seeing them on the IRDC website.
  7. smsazzy

    Rose City Opener Track Records

    How long until the Rose City Opener track records are verified? The results say "All track records on hold for confirmation"
  8. smsazzy

    Seattle Double National Photos

    Any idea where I could find pictures from the Memorial Day races in Seattle?
  9. smsazzy

    AIM Data System Parts/Spares/Sensors

    After switching over to a CDS Data System, I have the following AIM Data System parts for sale: (pictures available upon request) New AIM Lap Beacon Receiver (the part on the car) - New price = $75, my price $50 obo Used AIM Lap Beacon Receiver (same as above but used) - I am not 100% sure of...
  10. smsazzy

    When is the last time you saw a new FV being built?

    I am finishing up my Vortech and thought I would put a post up on the board to show those interested the pictures I snapped along the way. Enjoy! Frame being constructed at Jennerjahn Machine Bodywork fresh from the molds Sitting in my garage as a bare frame with bodywork Tranny and rear...
  11. smsazzy

    Wanted - Aluminum Fabrication

    I am looking for someone who can make me a battery box that is 3.5W X 5.5L X 3.75H. I would like tabs on the bottom for bolting down to the floor, and two tabs on the top for me to bolt a hold down strap to. I can provide a drawing. I am also looking for someone who can punch out several...
  12. smsazzy

    Looking to borrow (or rent) a trailer - flat bed

    I need to pick up my new FV Chassis from Fedex Freight tomorrow in Auburn. It is in a wooden crate that is 120X48X44 inches. Does anyone have a flat bed trailer (or truck for that matter) that I could borrow or rent? I need to get it from Fedex to Sammamish. They won't deliver it to my house...
  13. smsazzy

    Runoffs on Twitter

    Okay, I have never used Twitter before, but thought I would give it a try. I will be posting updates from the runoffs and other FV and racing related stuff at Feel free to follow. I will be sure to post stuff as time permits from the runoffs and the...
  14. smsazzy

    Vintage Valvoline Oil Cans

    When I bought the D13, with it came 5 cans of valvoline racing oil. These cans are approx 25 years old. They would look great in your garage for decoration, or maybe that is the secret to making a vintage car go really fast. Who knows. Also includes the spout. Very cool though. $60 + shipping...
  15. smsazzy

    FS: Tsunami MKIII FV

    1994 Tsunami MKIII - Built by Jess Heitman. Essentially it is a Caracal D with several enhancements to both the aero and the chassis. This is one of the best built cars you will ever see. You must see it to appreciate the craftsmanship. Includes Fox Rear shock with custom valving. Adjustable...
  16. smsazzy

    June Sprints? Can you take my car?

    I may have a buyer for the FV, and I am looking for a way to get it to the June Sprints. Do you know anyone going? There would be no additional gear or room needed, beyond the actual car itself and a few misc bits that would fit inside the vehicle. Thanks!
  17. smsazzy

    Frame Sandblasting and paint/powder coat

    Any recomendations on where I can get a Formula Vee chassis blasted? Also, any idea about painting or powder coating a chassis? Any idea what I am looking at for $$$? Thanks in advance! SS
  18. smsazzy

    Caldwell D13 Formula Vee Restoration

    As many of you know, I have started restoring a D13 that has been sitting for the last 22 years. I will be documenting the frame up rebuild on my website. To follow along, go to: and click on "About The Car" There is a paragraph about the Tsunami MKIII that I...
  19. smsazzy

    TRAILER FOR SALE - Enclosed 14 Ft

    For Sale: 14.5 Ft X 7.5 FT Home Built Enclosed Trailer This is a single axle trailer, designed for a Formula Vee, although a Formula Ford, Club Ford, etc. should fit nicely as well. It has brand new lighting and all new electrical wiring. Title says it weighs only 550lbs empty. Has front tire...
  20. smsazzy

    FOR RENT: Formula Vee

    Are you ready to go racing in an open wheeled car? Always wanted to try racing while you can see your tires? Now is your chance. We have two options that will be available by the start of the ICSCC Season. 1- Nationally Competitive FV with the best of everything. 2 National Poles and 1...